Getting The Lead Out!!!!!

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    Just a Comment on getting the lead out. Some of you probably know about this but for those who don't...I use a Hoppes Lead Remover adaptor kit with my regular cleaning kit on my Dan Wesson 44 Mag. when shooting reloads. It consist of a conical shaped rubber plug with a bolt going thru the middle, a round brass screen patch goes on over the rubber plug and is attached to a cleaning rod and pulled through the barrel, You can literaly watch the lead fall out of the barrel. You can adjust the tension on the rubber plug to enlarge it (tighten it up) like you would an Oil Plug in a Deisel Engine or a drain plug in a Boat. Works great, Esp. at the range and there's no mess except for the lead on the ground. I guess you could do it over a trash can and save the enviroment. I Hope the picture helps.
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    seen this hanging on the shop wall, this is the first testimonial I've heard on it. glad to hear it works, may try it. thanks for the good info!