Ghetto trigger stop

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  1. just finished installing the huber trigger, and its at the closest possible point without it misfiring when doing the drop test. i took a drill bit and some duct tape and fabed up a trigger stop that works perfect, it stops the trigger right when it shoots. basically took the bit, put it behind the trigger with the skinny side going up into the little gap behind the trigger, and then i wraped it up with some duct tape. i also put duct tape on trigger gaurd first so not to scratch it up, and for added grip.
  2. SwedeSteve

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    I guess that'll work !!

  3. i didnt want to drill my trigger or trigger gaurd, soo yea
  4. Mooseman684

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    Can you still remove the Bolt with a Bubba'fied trigger stop ???:yikes:
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    country boy's

    Smokin' Nagant: Sir; we country boy's know exactly what we is lookin at:09:
    Need a pinch of baling wire, then for shor "afric$$$ engineering" for shor.
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    I have the Huber trigger too...but I'm not following the advantage for a trigger stop. Someone please explain.
  7. overall shorter pull, nice makes it feel crisper bc there is a solid stop, and it stops it right after it shoots, so it makes it pretty nice feeling trigger pull
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    over travel

    killer: Sir; cut down on trigger over travel. Some feel very important to getting back on ?sighting?
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    I googled searched the words "trigger stop" and "trigger stops" and was able to pull up a picture of one for Glock pistols. I coud see a possibile advantage with semi-auto esp if making mutiple shots.

    How many of you guys use them? I really know nothing about them nor have I seen anyone use one.
  10. since u know the trigger will stop u have more control over the shots u take, so that pulling the trigger will affect ur shot less
  11. Of course you guys know how duct tape is like The Force, don't you? It has a light side and a dark side, and it binds the universe together...
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    Hhhhmmmmm? That depends Moose!
  13. yea i can jsut barely get the bolt out, its great