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    I think this is the right forum to post this in. Any who, has anyone here made their own ghille suit? If so I was curious where you found how to make it? How much did it cost? and How long did it take?

    I'm thinking about building one for coyote hunting and cause I think it would be fun to have lol. Any links would be great I have looked around online but I was wanting to hear some real testimonials.


  2. I too am interested in doing one of these. Let's see what you get.

  3. CopperniX

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    9mmXDm gave ya some good lengths Ive made a couple so feel free to message me with questions if you have any.
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    Check out

    They have full ghillie suits or "sapper" suits for around 60 or 70 dollars.

    The sapper suit is basically a long ghillie jacket.
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    Only thing I know about a guillie suit is that with the cotton thread they use, it picks up every leaf, thorn, stick tights and twig you walk by. Then it is a pain to get them all out. And if you are using it to turkey hunt, you might be sitting in some thick stuff. I bought one but don't think I'd get another one. Maybe if you make it you could use some nylon thread instead of the cotton stuff. I gave up an bought a 3D leafy suit and I like it lots better.
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    yes. I am in the vary long and hard process of making a suit. but, its alot of fun. making your own is alot cheaper than buying one for $80 or more
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    My Daughter and I are currently putting one together. We're using RR MilSpec camo netting as a base.
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    I believe in natural camo.Strip buck naked and hunt.It works.At my age,everything turns it,s head so they don't see me.
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    And someone was worried about stick tites in their ghille suit.

    Thanks for the links guys I'm excited to check them out I'm just glad to hear that its a lot cheaper to build than to buy I'm the kind of person who like to do my own work.
  10. scott_no6: I know one thing; Ghillie suits work if matched to the envionment one is in at the time. I saw them used by the FBI in the north woods of Montana and in the desert mountains of Southern Nevada. I watched a local police sniper walk about 100 yds away from me in these desert mountains. I looked away for about 1 minute. When I looked back I could not find the Sniper. I finally gave up and had him wave. Only then did I find him again.

    The people that are really good at the use of Gillies are the competitive paint ball players in the deep woods . A friend of mine competed with her husband all over the West. She told me of taking a position beside and into the side of a low bushy tree. She had a semi-auto paint rifle concealed under a fold in the suit. She said the entire opposing team crept past her looking for her team. When they were all past she broke concealment and took them all out. She said that she could have reached out and touched a couple of the guys going past her position. ..... Big Cholla
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    Thought I would give all who gave the great advice a follow up. I went ahead and ordered a kit off amazon that was made by It looks great so far I finally got the hood done. But you want to talk about work I put atleast 2 hours into just the hood so who knows how long it will take to do the rest.

    Thanks again for the advice Ill let you know how coyote hunting goes.
  12. I made one a while back. a scout sniper tough me how to make it. It's legit. took me about 2 weeks to get it how i wanted it
  13. srt 10 jimbo

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    Was gonna get one just to jump in bed and freak my wife out.
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    My mom's boyfriend had made a few years ago but lost them when someone broke into his storage unit. (Also lost his Enfield and a few other cool things from when he was in the service.) But, he told me how he did it. I can't quite remember his method though. Something with burlap sacks you cut ito strips on a brown or olive drab shirt. I'd love to make one. I'm gonna check out those links. This is pretty good info if you can't afford one. Or even for SHTF.
  15. runawaygun762

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    As far as suits picking up natural materials, that's a good thing. It may be a bit inconvenient if you're planning on hanginging it in the master bedroom closet when you're done, but having junk natural materials in it simply adds to the camouflage.

    A couple ideas to help out for those thinking about it, think about cutting a square out of the back of the jacket or coveralls before attaching the netting, and sew in a square of insect netting to replace the material you cut off. Ghille suits can be stiflingly hot, and having fine mesh like bug net sewn into areas that will be covered by garnish allow some body heat to escape.

    Another thing to look into is fire retardent spray. Loose and frayed cotton, burlap, and dead vegetation make great tinder, and that's not something you want if you're wearing the suit in a hostile environment. I don't have a link, but there is a water-based spray that doesn't turn into goo, and doesn't cause your garnishment to bunch up. It's water-based, so you'll have to reapply after inclement weather, but it's a small effort compared to trying to "tactically" get the hell out of the area while stripping off your own mobile funeral pyre when a flare stats a small brush fire near you.
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    LOL that is great when I get done I may do that to my wife.

    Here is the one I got [ame=] GhillieSuits Original Ghillie Paintball Camouflage Kit Synthetic Thread Mossy. Outdoor Camo/Ghillie: Sports & Outdoors[/ame]

    It looks pretty good so far I cant wait to go hunt with it.
  17. i made something similar to bob swaggers ghillie suit in the movie shooter when hes in the mountians for winter time for coyote hunting just had an old grey shirt got alot of white fabric and just went to work on it 2nd hunt in it a coyote caught me and my brother by surprise and walked within 10 feet of us...and that was the last time i took my rifle out i believe.... anyways it works great