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    Well Guys I am going to begin on one soon. Anyone out there have any luck with this or any other Ideas for me. Lots of good info out there but not really any detailed technical info. I guess its learn as you go!
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    Making a ghillie suit is too complicated to try to explain the complete construction in a forum. Concealment Options, in Zanesville, Ohio, make a very good suit with lots of options. Ghillie suits take a lot of knowledge to assemble correctly. Study up on them. There are a lot of small details involved, such as changing the forage to match your surroundings. No ghillie suit is 100% compatable with the surrounding enviornemt 100% of the time. Good luck, and let us know how you make out.

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    I am in the slow process of building one myself. I bought a "Bush Rag" kit, it is a brand name kit (ghillie suit kit: burlap yarn, mesh, instructions) I found at a gun show. I have heard some good ideas though....I just asked about building one on this site not too long ago. Get a set of BDU's, or a flight suit. A lot of people say to turn them inside out, so you can still use the pockets. I also have heard to cut out the back and sew in mesh. This has two reasons, one to keep you cool, and two is to have a place to attatch burlap. Another thing to think about is what you want to do in your ghillie suit. If you plan on crawling a lot(traditional ghillie design), you should re-inforce the knees and elbow areas. The main thing with a ghillie suit is the hat. This should have a lot of material attatched to break up the head and shoulder area(a distinctive human shadow/trait....). Um, thinks thats all I can think of for know.


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    Tim I saw some of these kits online for as low as 65$. I plan on building mine from scratch. I will more than likely today go around and start pricing items. I still do not know what design type I want to make. I want to make a full coverage suit. I may just make a ghillie blanket to cover me. Tie it in with the top to a pair of bdu's. good luck and thanks!
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    Ventilation is a darn good idea.

    Depends on where you plan on going to hunt. We have loads of woods around here and found that using shadows works well also. You'll notice if your walking around try real hard to look into the shadows, especially if your walking towards the sun. Almost impossible to see in those shadows.

    I usually don't wear my gillie during the hot months, when it is hot I go with my mossy oak camos and a boonie hat with face paint. Works well enough, just ask the 8 pointer on my wall!

    A buddy of mine and I go out "hunting" each other, we take turns using the gillie and camos and if you use your surroundings right a gillie isn't necessary. We both have a hard time finding each other with or without the gillies.
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    Like anything else there are so many diffrent ways to make them...the joy of makeing one is the experience in doing so. You have to also figure out what you want...are you doing the pain ball thing with lots of running or is this something to get you through sniper school... then too the The suit becomes your artistic impression of how you see your neededs. It tells of the time you put into it..little or a lot both show.. dont mena to sound like some metaphysic thing but once you make the firest will see all they ways you can improve the next and so on and son. Enjoy makeing it...good or bad just make it....eventualy you will have made the perfect suit .. in your mind... and that is the jurney.

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    Tim how much did you pay for your kit? I may end up going that route. I saw one for 64$ they use Jute. All colors are predyed. Right now I am experimenting with burlap. Probably won't seriously start on it until later in the year.

    Someone wanted to know what I wanted it for. Just to see if I can do it. I don't hunt, and Im not in the army and don't paintbal. Probably will go hunting this year and spook some people on halloween.
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    I got the jute kit it is better than burlap ,just be ready to tie a lot of knots. It is a good kit and makes a great suit...

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    Hey Rock; the jute is it in strands and do you have to tie each individual strand?

    I have an idea about using burlap. I will try this as a demo only.
    take a strip of burlap about 14" tall and as wide as your garment. Dip dye the strips in different solutions or try a tye dye effect(LOL) roll the end over about twice and then sew it along the bottom of the garment repeat this about every one to 3 inches. may work somewhat. Time will tell. This would work well in a large grassy plain due to the limited color scheme.
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    One good item to note is that you can also check into books like Ulitimate sniper and it has instructions for making a suit -- but for use many people recomment you treat them or use a flame retardent material. Many people start with an old pair of BDU's and some netting and then have fun - Doglips is right you will have fun making one

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    Have fun doing it or go insane doing it!
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    Yes the jute is in strands 24" long if I remember right,you can tie five strands at a time it will go a little quicker.I tied them one at a time six to a square to me it looked better.I have the directions that came with mine if you would like a copy let me know.
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    I think I paid $75 at a gun show for it. Can't remember exactly.....And there is definitely a lot of knot tying involved. All in good time it will be done, not goning to rush it.

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    When I went to the US Army Sniper school at FT. Benning, everybody in the class had to make their own. We used old BDUs or DCUs. First we cut up aviator kit bags (cheap in Columbus) and sewed the kit bag material all over the front and on the elbows (to protect you and for wear). next you sewed a portion of a "yetti" net (net used for camo in a desert environment) all over the back. The net is made up of approx. one inch squares. then we got LOTs of burlap sand bags and cut them into one inch strips 12 to 16 inches long. you put the strips into three piles. all the strips in one pile you spray painted O.D., one pile dark brown and the other you left alone. Then you proceeded to tie these strips all over the back of the suit into the net. You removed the pockets from the front of the BDU shirt and had them resewn onto the sleeves (on the side next to your body). For your cover you did the same thing to a Boonie hat (with the net and burlap that is). After I got back to my unit I was issued a GHillie suit kit with NSN and everything...sure would have been nice to get that before the course. hope that helps...Good Shooting! Eric