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Girardoni .47 caliber air rifle of 1790

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Logansdad, Mar 31, 2005.

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    I wonder if there is one in the NRA museum

    The Girandoni Austrian Army Repeating Air rifle

    In or around 1796 Girandoni made 1500 .45 cal Repeating Air Rifles for the Austrian army, in the fight against France.
    This is one of the original 1500 Girandoni made!

    The top experts on the Girandoni Air rifle have authenticated that it is an Original circa 1797 model.
    It has the makers stamp “Gâ€￾ Girandoni, Serial number 1493.
    The Austrian Army double Eagle proof mark (or should I say most of a double Eagle)
    It’s in wonderful condition, in full working order.

    The rifle comes with Two Original butt reservoir tanks, one reproduction tank (don’t really want to blow up the originals)
    The reproduction tank needs some adjustment to the brass valve head thread to fit the rifle receiver.
    Just a matter of taking a few mm off the top of the internal thread (the thread needs be rounded off)
    The tank for safety should really need to be pressure tested if you intend on firing it???
    The tank was turned on a lathe in one piece (no welded seam like the original) the base piece was threaded and welded. (It also cost a fortune)
    The Rifle during its life/service has sustained very little damage.
    The only damage we can find is a small hairline crack to the top of the Brass receiver block, above the lock.
    A small piece of wood has been replaced underneath the main spring on the stock.
    A small metal tab on the lid of the ball reservoir has broken off.
    There is a very good possibility that one of these rifles was taken by Lewis and Clark on their epic journey across the USA.
    However with the fog of time trying to prove this is somewhat daunting with various new Historic papers contradicting each other?
    This is an on going story!
    THE RIFLE IS FOR SALE: at £15,000.00
    Or open to VERY reasonable offers
    I can be contacted at [email protected]
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