Girlfriend got Mosinitis!

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by mudslinging79, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. took the new girlfriend shooting sunday, and she had fun. well yesterday we just had to stop by a pawnshop as shes looking for her own rifle, and there it was... a 1948 production m-44, with dog collar sling, and the price of $189. well she gave me THE LOOK, had to have it, so i asked the guy whats the lowest he could let it go for, as big 5 gets them on sale for a hundred or less. he dropped the price to $110, with the background check, and she bout jumped through the roof!!! so long story short, about every 5 minutes i get the question, " baby, know what?, im a GUN OWNER now!!!" so im being dragged out to shoot with her today, i think i may have created a monster as she already has the next rifle for her purchase list. im so proud of her
  2. .22guy

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    That is great news! More responsible gun owners is a good thing!

  3. PAPA G

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    how does she handle the recoil? pretty well i imagine.:cool:
  4. Dragunov

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    COOL! Nothing like a girl with a gun :D. You'll have to post pics.

    Just make sure she knows how to handle a firearm safely!
  5. ChaZam

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    :cool:See, monsters are GOOD!!!!!!
  6. kansascoyote

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    Feel lucky I have all but drug my wife by the hair to get he to shoot with me . She has zero intrest . So be blessed young man .
  7. gandog56

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    Just goes to show what you can drag the price down to if you know your stuff.
  8. as long as you keep getting great deals like that, turn her loose to buy all she wants! where was it made?
  9. cr107

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    My ex did that. she was always, no i dont want to go, its boring. I finally got her to the range, and she never left me alone about it after that.
  10. Congrats. I got my wife into shooting them and twice I've come home to a new Mosin.
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    Awesome, sounds like you've got a keeper for sure! Bayonet extended while firing!
  12. frenchy

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    Hey its ah great sport to share! Count yourself blessed mudslinging :heart:, now watch that collection grow :wink1:!
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    Congrats I am going to try and get my new girlfriend to go to the range with me sometime. She doesn't like guns at all and she doesn't like that I have them in my apartment, but she is dealing with it.

    Unlike a coworker of mines brother who's girlfriend refuses to let him keep his AR15 in his own house so he keeps it at his parents house in his brothers room, LOL. The girl also refuses to let him keep his Tarantula at his place so it is also at his parents house.
  14. Hmmn. Now if you could only discover that she recently won the lottery and owns a string of banks to boot.
    How lucky can one guy be?

  15. surgicaltech

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    Meow! Whip!
  16. Paper

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    Fixt... :D
  17. gandog56

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    Then he needs a new girlfriend. She isn't going to change.
  18. Paper

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    Oh, she'll change.. But not for the better..:ugh:
  19. SwedeSteve

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    Glad to hear you've introduced her to the shooting sports !!
  20. Break out the soft candle light, some mood music, some wine, whisper sweet nothings to her, and then..........go to YouTube and play Steve Lee's "I Like Guns" for her.
    She'll love you forever.