Glenn Beck: Gun Week

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  1. CrazyIvan

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    This week on Glenn Beck's radio and Headline News program will be talking about guns. Pretty good so far; today being the first.

    From Glenn Beck's Daily Newsletter:

    Look for HLN (Headline News Channel) tonight and all week. His TV Show is repeated 3 times nightly.

    He also hosts a 3-hour National Radio Show daily.
  2. ... let's see how long this airs before "influential political supporters" get it cancelled.

  3. CrazyIvan

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    He's done much more controversial things than the Week he spent talking about radical Islam and how they are training people globbaly and preaching anti-hate speech as well as practicing Sharia Law here in American Mosques.

    They even repeated the show on the weekend after airing all week.
  4. i like this program

    wish they could replace NPR with something like this
  5. One good point . . . .

    . . . is that Glenn Beck has more than the combined
    intellects of Johnny McCain't and Obamawama.
  6. never miss it. I didn't like him at first thought it was some kind of parody. I like how he goes after anyone who doesn't do the right thing.
  7. Jim beck and Lou Dobbs, how do they let them go on?
  8. LiveToShoot

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    Just listened to Glen talking with Chris from NRA about the anti-gun attitude and actions of Obama and Clinton, and the gun control risks of having either of them serving in the oval office.

    Thanks to Glen and others who have the courage to speak up and speak out on this critically important issue...our 2nd amendment rights.
  9. Seabeescotty

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    Guess I'll have to check it out. How does he manage to keep it on the air, though? Especially on that channel!
  10. Rave

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    Glen Beck is usually right on the money,how ever the last time I heard him,I believe was yesterday,he was shreiking about that dam video game and how folks were having vertiual sex with hoes then beating them to death with baseball bats.
    At one point with a caller I thought he was gonna has a nervious break down,he was actually shreiking,I though I would run off the roadlistening to him try to conjure up sceniarios where folks would play the game then go driving and kill others,I almost drove off the road my self until I turned it off.
    Useually I like to hear hiom,but that was reidulious,imo.:Eyecrazy:
  11. Midas

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    I don't normally care too much for Mr. Beck, but in this case, he was spot on.
  12. Can someone post the stations/times for me please? Both T.V. and radio if there are both? And if you could give the CDT times I'd appreciate it.
  13. GM you can go to Conservative Radio - Listen Online to find him on the radio. He is on CNN headline news at 6,8 and 10pm then again at 12 and 4am CDT. He is on the radio live from 8-11a CDT. I listen to the radio on line now. You can search that site for listings in your area. I think I figured it right I subtracted an hour from my times.
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  14. Thank you very much JimKim. I do 'preciate it. And FYI, it's HNN Headline news not CNN Headline News. lol
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  15. CrazyIvan

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    His radio show is #3 in the country...that is how. :)
  16. Seabeescotty

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    I watched him on TV, this morning, and can't believe that station lets him speak his piece, without censorship! He sounds like he oughta be on Fox. I like what he's saying, about the 2nd amendment, anyway. Hopefully, he's conservative on other issues, as well.
  17. CrazyIvan

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    SeaBea...wanna see something even more amazing? Check out this website.

    Contrary to someone else's post, Glenn Beck is part of the CNN corporation. Here is the CNN's site for him:

    Glenn Beck -

    When this came out, Glenn was even kind of suprised, he talked about it on his radio show.

    The above is based more on his TV program and stories. He does have his own website too that focuses on everything he does, to his road shows to his radio show to his tv program: Glenn Beck Program
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  18. SwedeSteve

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    I listened in, and I have to say I like him!