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Glock 17

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I am the proud new owner of a Glock 17. I bought it today at a gun show for $450. It came with one Glock 10 round mag, 2 17 round mags(no markings), night sights, holster, and the box it came in. Was that a good price? Also, the right rear "night sight" doesn't glow any more. Can I fix just that one or how much would a new rear sight cost? Any info you can give me will help, because this is my first pistol. Thanks...

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Oh yeah, can anyone tell me what the official barrel length is? What is this about lead bullets and Glocks? Basically, you should only shoot jacketed bullets right(No big deal, just curious)? Any other recomedations for my new firearm? Thanks again...

Is it an old Glock or a new one. Does it have the acsessorie rail inder the barrel? Those seventeen rounder aren't cheap. I'd say it was a real good deal. I don't know about just replacing one "dot" on the night sights. What condition was the gun in. A little finish wear doesn't hurt a darn thing. Glocks are tough as nails!
I may be mistaken but i think the glock night sights are Trijicon. They are not cheap.
It is an old glock(no accessory rail) Glock 17. The high capacity mags are not Glock manufacture, so they might not be as expensive. The sights are "aftermarket" ones the guy had put on, and they say Tru Glo on them. Took it out to the range today. It worked fine except it jammed the first round twice, but that could be the ammo (reloads). It is in good condition, just has what I would call normal wear. I put a set of Hogue grips on it yesterday, the ones that basically give you two finger grooves. I'll see about fixing the sights.

Take a look at for lead info. (My advice: stay away from lead) Factory barrel length G17: 4.49"
TruGlo are Meprolights. Outstanding Sidearm. I bought mine back in 1994 (2 17 round drop free mags). Somebody once told me he wouldn't have a 9mm to save his life (sic), it had no stopping power. I asked him if he knew how to double his stopping power. He looked stumped and said "do you handload?" "No, I just pull the trigger again".
I didn't buy it to shoot at anybody. I bought it because I thought it was cool that it held 17 9mms in the magazine.
Congrats on a wise purchase! I've owned 4 glock17's, and now have a 17, 22, and a 20.They all have one thing that will cause them to jam,"limp wristing".In other words,not holding the gun firmly when firing.This really shows up on the first couple of rounds fired (per session),when you might not grip the gun as you would after you fire some rounds off.I also take my Dremel and polish the feed ramp to further aid reliability.However, I DO NOT recomend this because you can screw up your barrel if you are'nt careful,besides,they do pretty well in stock form.I've just shot too many 1911's and now think I have to mess with all feed ramps!!
Your problem could be the aftermarket mags. Are they Pro Mags? Replace the springs and followers with Glock factory parts and see if it makes a difference. The g17 is a fine pistol. I had a 22 that I used a 17 upper on, the 9x19 is a lot easier on the pocketbook to shoot. Regards.
Shot it again today...what a fun gun. Worked fine, well, I think it jammed once. Still don't know if I like the weight of the gun(maybe its too light), not saying it should weigh in like a 1911, but just a thought. Actully, it is fine the way it is.....Just have to keep working on accuracy.

I don't know if it's an LEO price, but it cost me $60 for Trijicon night sights. Anybody know if that's regular price?
You might want to call Glock, 770-432-1202, and see if your pistol has had the product upgrade. All 17s with serial number prefix up to and including XG are due a free product upgrade. This might help with any malfunctions. What kind of malfunctions are you having?
That's right...I forgot about that. Some of the older 17's and 22's were having extractor problems....
I need to take mine to the range
Trijicons should be in the neighborhood of $90 installed.
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