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Discussion in 'Glock' started by austinjoe13, May 14, 2018.

  1. austinjoe13

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    I am starting this thread to post updates on my "new" Glock 20. I got a Trijicon RMR for it the other day, and I have ordered a sealing plate to go under it. I plan on sending the slide into Lone Wolf to have it cut. I haven't quite decided whether to get the race cut or combat cut, yet. I will be ordering some TruGlo tritium pro suppressor height sights to cowitness with the dot.

    Because I am not going to use this as a primary defensive pistol, I will be a little more free in my modifications. Some parts I am ready to order are a steel guide rod, a heavier recoil spring, and a Lone Wolf 3.5lb connector. I'd like to get either a Lone Wolf 6" barrel or a Storm Lake 5.3" ported barrel. I'm sure stippling will happen at some point. I'm not really sure what kind of pattern or image to stipple into it, so I will wait until I figure that out. Maybe I'll use my chisel tip solder to make a diamond plate style pattern--ooh, or basket weave!

    Anyways, stay tuned!
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    Omaha NE
    I was under the impression that all Glocks were projects. ;) Just kidding. I have a Sig P320RX with a Romeo optic and the red dot does wonders for target acquisition.
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    That's it McDowell. To the back of the classroom for you!
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    So far all of my glocks have been projects of sorts. The 19 was to see how I could do with a pistol, the 36 was to see how I liked a small 45, and the 20 is to see how bad@$$ of a hunting/combat pistol I can build :D

    I found Lone Wolf actually had a 6.61" threaded barrel meant for the G40. Both guns' barrels have the same lock-up, so it will work in my 20. The price is not too shabby, either.

    I'm going to order those TruGlo sights today. It may be June before I send the slide off. We'll see.
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    I've posted a few pics of mine from time to time--here it is:


    I really like the cerrakote slide and RMR. It has a Ghost connector which gives it a 5 pound-ish pull but much smoother with over travel stop.

    For me, the barrel is plenty long as is.

    Hope it works out well for ya !
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    A coworker jokingly offered to trade his Leupold DElta Point Pro for my RMR. He was taken aback when I considered it, and now he's actually considering it. I'm all for it since my purpose is more of a hunting/fun gun. The triangle seems to be better for my astigmatism than a dot. He wants to set up cowitness sights more easily. I don't NEED to cowitness sights on my gun. I'd like to, but it's not necessary.

    What does the band of fellers think about this trade?
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  7. Ten Man

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    Use whichever you think will work best for your needs.
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  8. austinjoe13

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    Pretty much, Neo.

    After sleeping on it, my buddy has decided to keep the DP Pro. Works for me.
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    I like co witness sights when using a holo sight. the red dot shows up great in low light but when I come out of the dim lit swamp and step into the sunny pines, the dot dissapears.
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  10. big shrek

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    DIP has a deal on the rod...nobody has them for less :)