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Glock 21... (5/29/03 Glock 30 Custom Modifications)

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Glock 21

Picked up my new Glock 21 Monday night. Bought an additional Mag and a Fobus holster (pistol and mag). Dying to go to the range!
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Good luck with a great pistol. I hope yours has the excellent accuracy that mine has.
Since we're on the "old thread" thing, I thought I'd respond to this one. I consider the Glock 21 and 30 the best Glock has to offer. This is my personal opinion which was formed while attending Glock Armorer's School several years ago. I also came to the conclusion that Glocks need a few modifications to reach their maximum performance. After attending the school, I bought a Glock 30 and performed the following modifications:

1) new sights... I chose a Trijicon front and an MMC adj. amber tritium rear... the adjustable rear allows zeroing for all loads: heavy, light, softball, and +p...

2) an all steel guiderod... I chose a Nowlin all steel buffer system which serves two purposes... steel guiderod and slide buffer. It is stronger than the factory unit and dampens recoil.

3) a standard broach rifled barrel... this eliminates the Kb's and allows lead bullets to be shot safely. I chose the Firedragon match barrel that is broached rifled, extended, and ported. The extra length makes up from the velocity lost from the switch away from the polygonal rifled Glock barrel, (which has less drag). The ports are angled away from the shooter and prevent muzzle rise. Together with the buffer system, this barrel tames the hottest +p loads.

4) New York Trigger... 7 1/2# trigger does away with a weak coil spring part and replaces it with a leaf and coil spring unit. The former part looks like a miniature trampoline spring and can break on the ears, rendering the pistol useless. The New York Trigger spring is very strong, is a drop in part, and gives the Glock a revolver type action... which I like. Some Departments have gone to the New York Trigger for liability reasons so it can't hurt on the civilian end! I stayed with the factory disconnector.

5) Extra power striker spring... I added this to strengthen the impact of the firing pin... not needed but I did it anyway. I found it was an extra measure of insurance that did not effect the trigger pull.

6) Wolff magazine springs... a MUST. Glock mag springs are not strong and will take a set for sure. For standard replacement I suggest a +5% spring set and for prolonged storage I suggest a +10% spring set.

The previously mentioned modifications helped mold one of the finest carry pistols I have ever owned. I found the Galco Royal Guard holster to be superb for CCW! The Fobus double mag paddlepouch for the Glock 21/30 was my choice for mag carry. It is durable and comfortable. I have found all Fobus products akin to the previously mentioned and a GREAT BARGAIN! I shoot +p ammunition all the time without any sign of wear or the appearance of recoil.

All the previously mentioned modifications will work for any Glock... but the 21/30's are my personal choice.
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Glock 21 - 1 = Perfection!
Glock 30 Post Modification Pics



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A quick word about the modifications, I found the Firedragon barrel took about 65-70 rounds of Cor-bon 230 +p ammo to "break in". After this the groups tightened up to 1 1/2 to 2" at 25 yds on average.

The Nowlin buffer system works very well with +p ammo... but I am having trouble finding it offered at present.

Firedragon makes a buffer system very similar, which is offered by Brownell's (part #503-416-030). Firedragon buffers take about a week break-in (shoot +p and store with the slide locked back)... when put in sub-compact Glocks (26/27)... the Glock 30 seems to need no break-in, regardless, Wolff mag springs are a MUST for Firedragon buffers. Without them, the follower will not have enough tension to achieve slide lock. I lubricate all my buffers with Rem-oil, which works very well and is sold everywhere, even Wal-mart.

The New York Trigger "breaks in" after about 120 to 200 rounds, settling in close to 7-7 1/2 #. It is a joy to shoot with this trigger. The only difference is when you field strip a Glock with a NY trigger, you will need to hold the trigger down as you pull down on the slide take-down notches. If you don't, the slide pushes the trigger forward and prevents the slide from being removed. I do not suggest the NY 2 Trigger, which is orange. This puts the trigger at 11-12#. The Standard NY Trigger is green.

Safe Shooting!!!
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