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  1. stonegraham

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    Can anyone tell me from first hand experience how much of a difference the SF (short frame) model felt compared to the regular G21? I've have not been able to find a G21 SF locally to know myself.
  2. Junction15

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    I don't own one. 2 folks I know have one and one of them shoots competitively.
    My understanding - and mentioned in the link i posted - is the SF frame is slightly smaller in the hand.

    I have fired a magazine full in a SF frame but never fired a "standard" frame so I can't tell you the difference.
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  3. austinjoe13

    austinjoe13 <------------<<<-

    If you can find a 21Gen4, or a 20SF or Gen4 of either kind, they are the same profile.
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  4. neophyte

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    stonegraham: Sir; I know nothing about 21’s

  5. Ten Man

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    My very first Glock was a Glock 21 GEN 2. I fell in love with it, instantly. It shot so naturally, I could dance soda cans at 50 yards with it.

    Of course, it helps that my hands are large enough that I can bounce a basketball and catch it in one hand, palm down. ;)
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  6. Jaison

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    Something tells me you're not really a red-headed dwarf with an axe fetish, are you? LOL
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  7. Ten Man

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    Not hardly. LOL!!! I do think Battle Axes are excellent weapons, and I am pretty handy with a wood axe.

    When I was a younger man, I did have red hair initially, and a VERY red beard until I turned 30.

    Mostly, I picked him for my AVATAR, because his attitude and demeanor are very similar to mine.
  8. Jaison

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    I hear ya. Gimli is one of my favorite literature characters.

    (I'm not really a raccoon, either. Don't tell anyone, though)
  9. Ten Man

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    I liked Gimli instantly, when introduced. In the LOTR movie series, I really enjoyed John Rhys-Davies, just as I enjoyed him in the TV series SHOGUN, many years ago, and in the Indiana Jones series, too. He is an awesome actor, with a great voice.
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  10. Ten Man

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    Back on track with the OP.

    I still enjoy the Glock 21 GEN 3, especially when I just want to do a bunch of high volume blasting. I can reload the .45 AUTO ammo for almost the same cost as the 9MM ammo, and it's much more fun to shoot.

    I enjoy the Glock 20 GEN 3 (10MM), as well, but it is not as easy on the ears, and pocketbook as the G21 is.:D
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  11. ItstheHOFF

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    I haven’t seen it fully explained yet, so I felt the burden was upon myself.

    If you find a gen4, it comes with an SF strap. After gen3 there was no need to make SF frames because of the introduction of the customizable straps
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