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Glock 22

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I recently bought a used Glock 22 for $230. It is in excellant condition. I read in one of the gun forums on this model about the 22 "blowing up". Is this fact or fiction? I really am not going to let it bother me, but, I am wondering why those guys would post such a thing if it were not true? I have just a little worry.
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If you have a 2nd or 3rd generation model,I think you're safe. Not that I believe you had anything to worry about in the first place!The Glock reps at the NRA convention showed me the extra pins they put in the model 22 for added strength. I've owned too many Glocks to count of all three generations,and not a problem with any.Spend $30.00 or so and get a 3 1/2# trigger and extended slide release, the guy behind the counter can probably put them in for you in about 3 minutes. I do those mods to all Glocks that pass thru my hands, and they really make it nice.
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