Glock Glock 23-Good gun?

Discussion in 'Glock' started by fireguy86, May 2, 2008.

  1. fireguy86

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    I am thinkin bout gettin a Glock 23 .40 cal. Anyone have any reason I shouldn't get the 9mm version instead? Is there much of a price difference? I like the feel of the 23 in my hands, along with the caliber, but dont exactly have all the money for it. 9m is cheaper to shoot and still works as a good self-defense weapon. Your thoughts please!
  2. seven

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    I've got a 23C and love it. Never had any problems with it. Over time I think you would want more gun than what's being offered by 9mm. That being said, go with the 40 cal.

  3. fireguy86

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    I'm not looking for a compact, but a full size one I can still coneal carry and cheaply shoot. Think a 9mm fits that or still go with the 23? I dont like the look of 22s.
  4. If you'll be carrying a gun in the US go for the .40. If you might go overseas best get a 9mm. I don't even like leaving Texas so I have a .40.
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    texas? you need a .45 partner lol
  6. just_a_car

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    My personal preference is for the .40S&W. I own a G27 and worked down from .45ACP to .40S&W. If the .40 was too much recoil/muzzleblast for me, then I'd have dropped down to 9mm. It all depends on what you can safely and proficiently handle.

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    I have a Glock 21 in 45 ACP, I love it, but it is not easily hidden in street clothes, so it sits on my night stand. Have seen the 23 and they look just as good.
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  8. chieppa

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    I love my G23. I really don't think you can go wrong with the .40.
  9. davidmc3

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    I have a G19 and a G22. The G19 is much cheaper to shoot. If I had it do do over, I would have purchased the G23 rather than the G22. I like the big bore pistols although with the proper ammo the 9mm is more than capable of 'getting the job done'
  10. damage855

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    Have two model 23s fit my hand nice and ammo is easy to come by. also you can by a replacement spring kit for about $35 and have about any spare part youll ever need.
  11. My son has a Glock 23 in 40 S&W and it is an excellent pistol, he shoots expert with his and I'm sure you'll love it and with practise you'll shoot that good too.
    He was issued a new Glock in 45 caliber last week at a meeting ( I forgot the model ) He shoot it everyday last week which is a job requirement and he shoot expert with it.

    Glocks are great pistols so I wanna say because of it the owners of them do quiet well with them with practise.
  12. TXplt

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    Glocks very reliable and rugged firearms. You may wish to install aftermarket sights for low light/hi viz (got tru-glos on my G26).

    40's fine; if you're going to do alot of shooting I'd consider the 9mm with the high ammo prices. 9mm about as cheap a CF as you can get. Fine stopper with Hi-Performance ammo (115 +p+; Cor-bon 115 JHP; Cor-Bon DPX, Buffalo Bore, etc.).
  13. With the GLock 23 you can shoot .40, 9mm, and .357 Sig, so it is a good choice. I bought the Glock 19 and sometimes wish I got the 23.

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    I can't remember what magazine it was in but I know they make them. They were offering a 9mm drop in barrel for the G23 at $100.00. Get the g23 and the barrel, that way you'll have both.
  15. DWARREN123

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    I have a 23 and 27, like both a whole lot. 40 S&W is a very capable round. Go with what fits you and feels good.
  16. fireguy86

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    i ordered the 23 yesterday and it will be here tomorrow. put somoe roounds thru it to get the feel and then ionto the ccw holster it goes! thanks all!
  17. oldnoob

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    also, if you feel bad about not having a g19. you can alway buy a conversion barrel from like Long Wolf and 9mm mag. about $150 you can have g22 and able to shoot 9mm in 15 sec. i have it for my g22, it's awesome.
  18. fireguy86

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    I have been playing with the idea of a convrsion just for cheaper shooting. ccw will always till the end of time in my book anyways be .40 cal :)
  19. Guerilla Unit.

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    The problem with the Glock 22 and 23 is they are picky about using a mounted light. They can have a FTF due to the mounted tac light. Glocks fix was to add an extra coil to the mag in the 22.
  20. just_a_car

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    My fix was to get a G27; no rail to mount a light. *chuckle*