Glock Glock 27?

Discussion in 'Glock' started by misfire, Apr 5, 2002.

  1. misfire

    misfire Guest

    Anyone out there with experience concealing a G27 or equivilant?
    Any advice on holster selection? For the type of clothing I wear my 23 is just a tad too big. I'm thinking maybe a 27. I love the idea of bullet/mag interchangeability. Thanks!
  2. nimrod

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    To know which holster will best suit your needs we need to know which styles you prefer (ie. shoulder, hip, behind the back, cross draw, or ankle.) I have found the galco product line to work very well and I also use kydex holsters in hostile settings (wet or dirty.) Don hume makes excellent products as well. Get several, for all occations and attires. Your glock can't help you if you leave it at home because it doesn't go with your outfit...