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Glock Glock 30

Discussion in 'Glock' started by blackstangs281, Apr 12, 2002.

  1. blackstangs281

    blackstangs281 G&G Newbie

    Just got a Glock 30. I'm new to Glock, and I know this gun is great right out of the box, but what can or should be done to this gun to perform better? thankx...........Chris
  2. tyudi5bs

    tyudi5bs G&G Newbie

    Get to know the gun before you start tweeking. You'll see that it probably doesn't need any.

    But if you're looking for people's takes on certain products, try its more than enough info.

  3. Jesse

    Jesse G&G Newbie Forum Contributor

    When I was attending Glock armorer's school, I came to the conclusion that Glock was avoiding the questions we were asking about KB's. I have witnessed several KB's of different degrees. One KB I saw ruptured the chamber, cracking it in two pieces. 6 months after armorer's school I bought a Glock 30; I performed the following modifications:

    1 Firedragon fully supported match/ported barrel (eliminates the KB problem and allows you to shoot lead safely)

    2 Nowlin all metal buffer system (Firedragon also makes one for the Glock 30)

    3 Trijicon front sight and MMC rear... Green front/amber rear

    4 New york trigger and extra power striker spring

    5 Extra power (+10%) Wolff mag springs for magazines

    I have logged an average of 98% daytime and 100% nightime qualification scores with this pistol in 2 years. I was using Cor-bon 230gr. +p and the rounds felt like .38 SPECIALS.

    I highly reccomend these modifications to enhance the Glock performance.

  4. Jesse

    Jesse G&G Newbie Forum Contributor

    Amending this old post:

    I reccomend the Bar-sto barrel over the Firedragon barrel. The quality is unreal with the Bar-sto.

    I do not reccomend the Firedragon buffer under any circumstances, they are sprung too heavy and are unreliable.

    The X/S sight system is the best balance of quality and price.