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Discussion in 'Knives/Cutlery' started by Martin Rage, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Martin Rage

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    I am not a big glock fan but for 23 dollars they make an incredible knife super light weight field knife. I LOVE it, especially when teamed up with a machete for chopping. If you guys are looking for a CHEAP but really high quality light addition to your gear consider a Glock knife.
  2. TACAV

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    Their entrenching tool is top notch too.

  3. I own the field knife with the root saw on top. Austrian steel, I put o-rings on the handle for better grip and wraped paracord around the sheath. It's too long to carry daily but it is mounts on my bug out bag, and stays in my night stand. I wonder if it will mount on an AR?
  4. Ten Man

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    All things GLOCK are good! LOL