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Glock Users Are Called Into Action Now!!

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Is anybody still using Glocks?

More than 30 days and no posts!!!!!

Those guns have to be so good that there's no problems with them!!!!

At least mine is!!!!!!

Just like the AKs!!!!

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Yes Mandy....I am still a Glock is my wife......people will argue about Glocks blowing-up and what have ya, but I have never seen a problem with them myself. I just haven't posted in the Glock forum because I really am out of questions about them.......
HI Mandy! I have three Glocks and they are great. I carry the model 30, sometimes the 21. The 23 usually sits on the shelf in the safe. They are by far the most accurate out of the box pistols I have. My handguns range from SIGs, Colts, Kimbers, S&W, Walthers, and Rugers. Many of my friends that made fun of my "plastic" guns now have their own. Once they shoot one and experience the accuracy and handling they change their minds. I reload for the 45s, but so far I haven't reloaded for the .40. The 23 shoots to hard to be my carry gun. I would rather shoot my 629 Smith or .35 Rem contender.
That's funny Indy because I carry the 23C as a duty weapon. I was issued the 22 in my last dept but it was just a little big for my hand. I found perfection in the 23. I do admit that it bucks a little harder then the rest.......All are great guns in the Glock family though.
I currently own a g17c,g22,g20. Can't even remember how many I've owned so far. I take poeple out shooting and they end up offering me an obscene amount of money for my Glock, and I also usually keep most or all the high-caps! So I end up with another new gun and a big pile of high-caps!! I find that most people (myself included) have strange ideas about "those plastic pieces of cr_p" UNTILL they shoot them!!Then they can't let go, and back to the gunshop I go!Heck, I started with first generations, now I have 2 3rd gens and one 2nd gen.
I carry a 22 myself. Had PT night sights installed and it works fine. Not the best handgun I've ever owned, but close. It's an ex-police officers duty weapon, and he wanted me to carry it because of the history of it. I originally talked him into buying it back in '95 to replace his Centurion. It had only had 2 boxes of ammo run through it when he gave it to me last month. And, I did say GAVE. He let me have it because he said he would feel better knowing I was carrying it over my Springfield TRP.
It's accurate enough, and I do like it. I have large hands, so it works out well.
Only thing is, some departments around here advocate carrying it with an empty chamber. Pretty silly if you ask me, but that's the truth. There's been a lot of AD's, and the county/city/village attorneys get kinda nervous.
1*, how about your department?
H E L L no! Carry it with one in the pipe! What are ya supposed to do when a bad guy draws down on you? Ask him to wait while you rach one in?

If he bought the gun back in 1995...does that mean he began carrying it on duty in '95? If, I would hope that over almost eight years he put more than two boxes thru it.....heck we shoot more than that it each of our twice a year qualifications.....
Well now, if he's a "good" criminal he'll say "okay" and wait for ya!:rolleyes: :eek:
Good Grief! Mine works great. No problems to report. Eats anything I feed it and comes back for more. Shoots straight, better'n me anyways. What more can you say?
My thoughts exactly thoughts exactly.....
He started to carry it on duty, then left the department. He let his commission expire, so he just got out all together. He qualified with 50 rounds when he first got it, then quit the department about 2 months after. The other 50 rounds were fired 1 year ago.
Sounds good to me Calvin....thought maybe he carried the gun for that many years without truely parcticing with it....I know a bunch of fellow officers like that...I call it iresponsibilty. Glad to hear that is not the case here.....
I obviously really like the glock pistols,and would not hesitate to bet my life on it's uncanny ability to digest any and all ammo you can fit in the mag! My favorite thing to do with someone who has never shot one, is to load a mag with all different types of ammo(fmj,hollow point,flat nose,wad cutters,round nose)and empty it as fast as my finger will allow. I just love the astonished look on people's faces,especially the 1911 guys!
But I would not use it for uniformed duty for several reasons....1-No Safety(yeah I know all about SAFE-ACTION,but putting your finger on the trigger and pressing it to fire and disengage the safety might cost an officer his life in a struggle.I would perfer those extra few seconds it takes the bad guy to figure out how to work my gun(to fight back or pull a backup. 2-No Decocker. The modern double-actions(SIG SAUR,H&K,etc)are safer to handle and can be fired just as fast from double action in a panic situation. 3- Cocking the hammer.. You might think it sounds funny,but when you have your gun pointed at a suspect it may not be over,he may be assessing your intentions and his options of fight or flight(let's be honest,some people are just not impressed just because you point a gun at them!).But any red-blooded American from the age of 3 or 4 knows from watching all those westerns that when you cock that hammer back,you've given them a powerful "last" warning and they can give up or die.:target: :nod:
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Valid points Polaris.....Valid points......However Sig Sauer has no more of a safety on it than a Glock does...pull it and fire it, bottom line. On duty, I want a gun a draw and fire, no safeties to fumble with under stress. 60% of American LEO carry Glock. It's a great gun as you have stated.

As for the "gun grab" you eluded to......well, they ain't getting my gun. That's the mind set we have to have on the streets as LEO's or armed civillians. They ain't getting my gun. I carry a back up, and a good knife.......but they ain't getting my gun. I'll bite his dang nuts off before he gets my gun.
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My gun is tricked to the max!!!

I've other guns but my baby that is my first line of defense is my trusty G23.
I carry it with one in the pipe and I go to the range every week and as I said before, I take my G23 and any other gun to the range, at least I fire 100 rnds weekly with it.

It is a great gun and once I had problems with some misfires but I traced the problem to a worn lazermax battery cap, besides that, it goes bang every single time.

When the battery cap thing happened, I replace the original recoil spring assembly and everything went back to normal again.

I love this gun and the if I've to draw one to save my life, I'll go to my G23.

In my house the line of defence is like this: G23 allways ready to fire and at a near location, no fumbling with safes or anything, is allways near me, if I've time, then I'll get my Mossy but that's under keys.

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Hey oneastrix you're absolutly right, there should be no way somebody else can get a hold of your gun.And being a 6'3" 250# ex-Marine,I'm not at all concerned!! But here in Lincoln,a prerequesit for joing LPD is that you must have had your lunch money taken on a daily basis all through school!Then they get their guns and badge.....whoala-instant badass! But seriously,ANYTHING can happen in a fight (as you probably know)it's in those situations where training and practice are the determining factor. One other way Glock makes a good duty gun is their mags from the larger frames can be used in their compact(backup) guns. So you can carry a model 20 (I really like that 10mm!!) and carry a model 29 for backup and if needed use the big mags in the compact. That has been a real good PD selling point also. I put an extended slide release,3 1/2# connector,and pollish the feed ramp and smooth out the throat on the sides where it meets the chamber. I got used to doing 1911's that way (they NEEDED it).
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by Oneastrix:
"That's funny Indy because I carry the 23C as a duty weapon. I was issued the 22 in my last dept but it was just a little big for my hand. I found perfection in the 23. I do admit that it bucks a little harder then the rest.......All are great guns in the Glock family though"

I have a G23C also. I catch alot of flack form others because it is compensated. I'm surprised you are able to carry a "C" model as a duty weapon. There is so much emphasis placed on them not being good carry weapons that I have second guessed my reasoning for buying one in the first place.

There was a terrible article published by a well known and respected author in a well known firearm publication not too long ago where he bashed the C models for LE useage. There was even a few pics of a t-shirt that was "suposedly" burned and torn by the debris flying from the ports as the gun was fired in a close to torso shooting situation.

I thought the pics looked rediculous. The powder burns looked like coal that had been rubbed on. You could even see the stress on in the tears where they had been pulled with fingers. It really made me think twice about the legitimacy of the author.

Since I bought the c model, I have had the opportunity to shoot a plain slide and barreled model side by side with my c model. There was a noticable difference in recoil, though not that much. Like you, I too have found perfection with my G23C, and as of yet can find no fault in it. Hopefully I'll never have to look directly down at the ports with my eyes wide open while shooting it. Chad
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