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i have always wanted a glock just b/c they look cool. i know this is a bad reason to want it but i'm kid! haha
anyways i heard that glocks are known for jamming up(if that is what you call it) so my question is...are glocks just a well known company or are they good products? also i was reading this magazine about changing a glock to a rimfire? what is a rimfire? i have a few guesses from looking at the name but they are probably way off?
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An auto loader is just that. It is always live as long as there is ammo in the mag. or chamber.
If the slide is closed consider it loaded until you have checked it yourself NEVER take anyones word that it is unloaded until you check it.
To answer your question, No on a glock you don't have to do anything but holster it. If you do not want a round ready to fire, Than yes, You have to drop the mag, work the slide and eject the chambered round then let the slide close, place the lone round back in the mag, and the mag back in the gun. You can now holster the gun with an empty chamber, But you will have to work the slide in order to chamber a round to fire the next time you draw the gun.
Until you become more familiar with your new glock(if you get one) I recomend you do keep the chamber empty when holstered or stored.
Glock also recomends that the gun be stored slide closed, chamber empty, and triger pulled.
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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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