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i have always wanted a glock just b/c they look cool. i know this is a bad reason to want it but i'm kid! haha
anyways i heard that glocks are known for jamming up(if that is what you call it) so my question is...are glocks just a well known company or are they good products? also i was reading this magazine about changing a glock to a rimfire? what is a rimfire? i have a few guesses from looking at the name but they are probably way off?
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Glocks are great handguns,however,a Glock is a thinking persons gun, they have automatic safetys,no real manual safety,for this reason you have to be very careful. You can drop,throw,drive over a Glock and it probably won't go off,but,if you press,(notice PRESS.not pull) the trigger on a Glock,it WILL fire.
No offense taken,but let me clarify, When some departments switched to Glocks,they had a higher than average A.D. rate, some of the officers were holstering their guns with their finger on the trigger,with a manual safety on, no big deal,but with a Glock,well,you know. As far as pressing vs. pulling,I say that because to some,pulling means yanking,pressing is just a kinder,simpler action,ie. better trigger control. I too,have a Glock 19,and do like the pistol. So what I mean by thinking is thinking about what you are doing to be safe.
BTW,I'm more of a 1911 guy,but would not recommend someone starting-out to learn on one.
Oh I agree Klaus,but you know how hard it is to teach some people something,and have them remember it. I always try to pound into a stdent about "finger off the trigger"till they just do it.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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