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i have always wanted a glock just b/c they look cool. i know this is a bad reason to want it but i'm kid! haha
anyways i heard that glocks are known for jamming up(if that is what you call it) so my question is...are glocks just a well known company or are they good products? also i was reading this magazine about changing a glock to a rimfire? what is a rimfire? i have a few guesses from looking at the name but they are probably way off?
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Rookie, Glocks are a good reliable gun to have , carry, shoot. But in my experance(I don't know if anybody else has noticed this). When I have shot a Glock the last 5-6 rounds fired, the gun "rolled" in my hand. This I accounted to be the center of balance shifting upward as the "weight" of the rounds in the mag moving up. For a new shooter this might cause some concerns.
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