Glocks and Lead Bullets

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  1. animalspooker

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    I've heard that this is a no-no, and I'm fine with that. But I have a few thousand reloads that are powdercoated. What's everyone's opinion of using these. I wouldn't mind it, but the only 9mm's I have are Glocks!?!?!?
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  2. neophyte

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    animalspooker: Sir; I have Glocks. And. I shoot what I’ve got (cheapest) target- plinking ammo

    I have; now; Lone Wolf in G-22 G-23. In time probably G-19 G-27
    Why. You might add :)
    Not a great answer. Seems more accurate. Cleaning is less of a pain (subjective) Removing a concern
    Cause I tinker
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  3. austinjoe13

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    I believe the powder coated hard-cast bullets are fine.
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  4. animalspooker

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    Neo? Are you saying you shoot lead bullets out of your factory Glock Barrels or are you saying you shoot them out of your Lone Wolf barrels.
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  5. neophyte

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    animalspooker: Sir; yes.
    I did buy 1,000 Reloads rounds from Georgia Arms.
    Junked out approximately 20-30 poorly assembled.
    Price great.
    Failures - I don’t tolerate from my firearms.
    Went back to store bought.
    all okay
  6. Ten Man

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    If you test shoot a few powder coated bullets into a soft retrieval setup, i.e. water trap, or thick hay bails), and you find the bullets are still coated, then they should be fine to shoot from your Glock. If the powder coating is all worn off, and there is lead fouling in your Glock barrel, it's probably a No-Go for continuing to to use them in your Glock.

    If you have a LOT of lead bullet 9MM ammo, buy a Lone Wolf stainless steel barrel for your Glock (other companies make them, too, but are more expensive) to shoot the lead bullets with.

    Then swap back to the OEM Glock barrel for your carry ammo.
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  7. With not ever having shot a Glock I cannot say from experience, the thing to remember though is it only takes one, might not be the first one, but will be the last one.
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  8. BigEd63

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    Sigh,. no it's not just leading but bullet deformation and accuracy issues. I had bought plated bullets. Maybe Berry's but when loaded to same velocity as FMJ they'd perform poorly from 20-25yds.

    So what concerns me is the lead softness under either the plating or powder coating.
    If it's hard cast lead it might be good to go.
    But again test it out.
    Mine has a non polygonal barrel from Suarez International. But I don't plan on running lead, powder coated or plated bullets.

    Let me also toss this one out. Some HK pistols have similar rifling in their barrels as well.
    My USP Compact Tactical in .45ACP did.
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  9. Jack Ryan

    Jack Ryan G&G Evangelist

    I shoot a lot of lead through my Glocks.
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  10. Ten Man

    Ten Man G&G Evangelist

    I use Berry's Plated bullets all the time through my Glock pistols, with no problems. There's very little difference in accuracy between them and jacketed bullets out of my 40S&W or 45AUTO caliber Glocks.
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  11. BigEd63

    BigEd63 G&G Evangelist

    Okay here's the difference I had I think it's a velocity, pressure and surface area issue.
    I had a HK USP Compact Tactical in .45ACP followed by a Glock 30 no troubles with their bullets.
    Now a Glock 19 shooting 115gr bullets (plated) with a fairly stout charge of AA#7 gave me trouble. Sorry I don't recall the exact charge.
  12. runfiverun

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    plated bullets are dead soft lead.
    if you over push them or your pistol has a poor or non existent throat your gonna strip the copper no matter what kind or type.

    unfortunately when you strip a little off a plated bullet they have nothing else there to prevent trouble since the plating is so thin.

    if you mess up a jacketed bullet some you got another .005-8 thou or so to go before you cut through it.

    many newer pistols and revolers don't shoot lead very well because the manufacturer doesn't care about the throat [many of them don't even have a throat just a chamber and then rifling]

    it isn't the bullets fault, it's the guns fault.
  13. Palladin8

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    I have shot cast bullets from my Glock 23. I shot a magazine full and then ran a tight patch down the barrel to make sure I wasn't leading up the barrel. I didn't have any lead fouling. After that I shot maybe 100 or so and then took it home and cleaned it up. I still didn't have any leading. I shot the bullets as dropped from the mold.
    I will say this though, I have had that Glock 23 since 1992 and I know I have put in the area of close to 10K round through it. I would hazard to guess that shooting all the jacketed ammo through it has polished it enough to prevent any leading.
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  14. FortyXDM

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    Is this new brass ? If so, I am sure you would be fine. I would clean it good after the first 50 or 100 rounds. Some leading can be fairly easily removed....particularly from a pistol barrel. It is also very easy to detect. If the brass has been reloaded several times I personally would say no.
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