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Glocks in 40 S&W

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I'm thinking ahead to my first handgun (next may, when I turn 21), and am considering a Glock in 40 S&W against a 1911 in 45 ACP. This would be for CCW, but I'm not looking for a compact. Quite the opposite, I have big hands and want a long barrel for controlability and accuracy. The Glock 24 looks like the cat's pajamas, but I was told they've been banned from import (why the heck do they ban a target pistol???). That leaves the regular sized G22 and the new G35. Now am I right that the G35 has an accessory rail under the barrel? I've heard that it's thinner than the others, which would be great for CCW, but how does the grip compare? And will it take the same mags as the other 40s? If not, is its magazine the full 10 rounds?
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There was a local news thing last week about the Avondale PD (Avondale is a suburb of Phoenix) that is getting rid of all their .40 Glocks.

Seems, they say, they have observed a lot of misfires during practice fire. They claim the slide picks up brass on the recoil and deposits the specks around the top of the mag which causes misfeeds.

They are now going with Sig .45 (say, "amen, brother").

I've made it known I am not...nor will I ever be, a Glock fan.

But, it seems like everytime I turn around something is just reinforcing that position.

My thought is I don't want any gun that has their reputation for malfunction...I want my 'peace of mind' operating if I ever need it......yepper....fer sure.

Also, there is something about plastic in a gun that just doesn't make logical sense to me......sorta like putting putty on aircraft.
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.40 S&W ain't all that! I have two LEO friends that got rid of their .40's and went to .357 Sig! They are both alot happier and feel more secure!
The 1911 is the way to go. I prefer the 45 acp v. 40 cal, the 1911 will be thinner than the Glock for carry & everyone needs at least one 1911 in the collection, might as well be the first inyour collection.
I've owned a few Glocks in the past...a 40, a 45 and a 9. Don't have them anymore...don't miss them either.
I've been telling this to a lot of new shooters/gun owners lately. Don't buy what some yahoo tells you to buy. Go out and rent all your options, shoot some rounds through them (more than just a mag full!) and buy the one that works best for you.
Amen, Cyclops...amen.
I also agree with Cyclops. We have gone over this before but here goes: the Glock 9mms are ok and deserve the reputation they got but the heavier calibers(40,10mm,45) have a tendency to go Kaboom. There is a website about this when I find it I will post it. The 1911 is the way to go as far as I am concerned. If you want a big carry 1911 style get a Coonan .357 auto (a real .357) or a Grizzly. If you buy a Coonan and don't like it I will personally buy it from you myself.

Go with the .45, once you master shooting that you can shoot ant other pistol. I have a Springfield .45acp and I have the Glock 22. The .45 is in my opinion a more versatile round, has more stopping power, and overall is a lot more fun and challenging to shoot.I think a .40 S&W is a cross between a 9mm and the .45acp. I am not knocking it, but if you have ever golfed before, its like this--

firing the .45acp is like teeing off at the blue tees, firing the .40 S&W is like teeing off at the ladies tees. They still do the same thing but go with the .45acp, you wont be disappointed.
Let go of a Coonan? LOL

1911 sounds like the best thing then. It's more my cup of tea anyway. I wouldn't mind a Grizzley in 45 Win Mag... Saw one once for a nice price. Might be a little too much for CCW though.
I dislike the 10mm kurz for political reasons. :throwup:
Sooooo as much as I hate to admit it, I am gunna have to advise you to (cough choke hack) cast your lot upon the fortunes of the (Oh God, please don't make me say it :rolleyes: ) 1911!!! :eek:

May God have mercy upon my soul!!!!
In a flash of repentent brillance, check out the Glock 30!!!!
Now I'm confused. Isn't the Glock 30 compact? I want full size.
I have a model 27 (baby one for ccw), in .40 cal and am very happy with it. I practice at 25 yards and pop the center out of the target like it was a long slide! i also like the coating on the glocks as it really keeps the rust downits like having a black stainless!
I think it's called Tenifer?
As far kabooms and such, mine is still rapping them out as hard as I can shoot it, and with hot reloads too. Not one misfire even with light loads. It seems weird sometimes not having a slide safety, but in a situation give me my glock it's quick light dependable and very very accurate and I WILL BET MY LIFE ON IT.
Some of the first models that came out had problems but since 1985 or somewhere back there they musta came up with the right changes. Folks tell me I will wear out before my Glock does.
I like blowing the old fellers away with their long slide 1911's at the range with my sporty shorty. I have one 1911 model and it is great, but the simplicity and speed of the glock for ccw is a good one.
PS If you get the .40 you can also buy drop in barrels in .357 sig and the clip works
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I've let it be known I am no fan of Glock...but I'm here to tell ya if you're shooting HOT loads in a Glock you're either awfully brave or awfully....well........uninformed?

All I can say if you shoot hot loads in a Glock don't come in later and complain about the gun going in, hopefully not, 360 degrees.

Remember, you got a gun that is service oriented...made to the caliber and load intended. Too much kaboom tends to take the plastic slide rail guides off the gun and, may....hopefully not....your hair line. (BTW: the tiny hairline cracks that is all to take to tear the rail guides off can't...repeat can't be seen by the naked human eye.).

I'm kinda curious why anyone would want to push the envelope. I would rather be around for the ability to defend myself the second round, if necessary.

More power to you...but, I like living.
Tonto, PLEASE PLEASE for your sake don't shoot hot loads in your Glock. In the last two years at our range we have had three Glocks blow up with regular loads. Have your pistol checked at the gunsmith shop before firing it again. I don't know how many hot reloads you have shot through it already so shoot your other gun until you find out that if it is safe to continue shooting your Glock. We value all the member's safety here and I am very concerned for yours. Spend a couple of dollars to make sure you don't lose your fingers or your eyesight or WORSE.
:assult: :assult: :assult: :assult: :assult:

Guys, guys, PLEASE STOP IT, I have a G23 and I'm EXTREMELLY HAPPY with it.
I carry this beautiful pistol every day and go to the range every thursday and religiously shoot at least 150 rnds weekly (I take my G23 and any other one of my guns), by now I have shot more than 5000 rnds with it, and it only misfire one time when I changed the firing pin spring for a lighter one.
I have almost all the accesories for it: Titanium firing pin & plunger, lasermax, trijicom, extended mag & slide releases, 3.5# connector, 2 match target barrels (1 long ported), marine spring cups, 2 G22 Hi cap mags (15 rnds) & 1 G23 Hi cap mag (13 rnds).
I have to inform you that I mix and match all these parts when I go to the range and have never ever had a problem.
My personal choice for carry is like this: titanium firing pin & plunger, lasermax, trijicons, extended mag & slide realeases, factory barrel and factory connector and of course the Hi cap mags all around, not the factory 10 rndrs.
This pistol is so good that I'm willing to bet my life on it any time any place.
As for kabooms, I have never heard nothing more than some cheap talk in some forums.
There is no doubt that the 1911 was, is and will be a great pistol and a standard to measure performance, but you have to get over it and admit that it no longer set the rules, It had it's time but sadly it's over.
For accuracy, all I have to say is that if I need to shoot farther than 50 yds I probably use a rifle or at that distance I can avoid an encounter. At 25 yds I put all rnds inside the 8 ring with iron sigths.
Oh yea, the loads are standard factory ammo only.
This gun is so simple to clean & change parts that you only need one simple hex wrench to work it.
It is ridiculous to think of another weapon to defend yourself.
This gun is capable of shooting underwater, let me know if the 1911 can do that.
This is my baby and I worship it.
I like my SS P 220 but I prefer my G23 for carry.

:assult: :assult: :assult: :assult: :assult:
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Thanks Mandy. I carry a 23C on duty and it's usually my selection for off duty carry. I have way over five thousand rounds through it, and to this day, I have NEVER had a malfunction. Not even a simply stove pipe. I believe in Glock. But I'm not one of the people who say that Glock is the only way to go. Sig, Beretta, Kimber, you name it, are all top of the line firearms. I wouldn't put them down for anything. 60% of American LEO's are carrying Glock on duty as I type this, that has to say something.
I have a Glock 23 and 21, both are accurate. Based on what I have read the 357 Sig is not as accurate as the 45 or 40. It is a fact, Glock recommends against reloads. The majority of the problems stem from reloads. The "Kabooms" are related to the chamber not supporting part of the case. I have never heard of a this problem with a 45 caliber Glock. The 45 develops less pressure than a 40, 357, or a 9.
I own 5 45 cal pistols, 6 9mms, 2 38s, and 2 357 mags. The Glock 21 has always been my first choice when a critical situation exists.
Mandy, Mandy....PLEASE STOP IT, lol.

I'm glad you are happy with your 23 and that it's suited you well.

I am speaking from over 28 years of experience to say that Glock has gotten, deservingly, the reputation nationwide with PDs as a gun that has the HIGHEST instance, per capita, of malfunction and repair.

That is no myth...that is fact.

That is why when they offerred it to the military, particularly the Army, they said, "No way" and went with the Beretta when they converted from 1911's. PDs put their staff in harms way just to save a few bucks when they were offerred the Glocks at a volume discount and to this day they still are, in my book.

I could give you a list of local gunsmiths that were asked to work on our Glocks before we went to Beretta. They will STILL tell you, after nearly 20 years, that they couldn't keep up with the parts demands to fix them.

Is there any wonder why there is no gray line on Glock ownership? either like them or dislike them (much like the debates on religion and politics). It's the experience that teaches you your preferrence. I had too many.......knew too many....bad experiences with Glocks. Me, I would rather have confidence......not hope.

Granted, my bad experiences go back to the mid to late 70's and, perhaps, perhaps, Glock is making a better gun now. But if I were offered a new Edsel or a Nash Rambler I'd have to pass.

I don't know of anyone who would want to test and find out if their gun could shoot underwater (unless they were a Hollywood stuntman). The mere pressure and presence of water in the barrel and bore is enough for a catastrophe. I'm happy you can shoot yours under water.

Tactically, my idea would be to try and drown the dog but if it comes to where I can't I think I'll call in James Bond for my heavy work, lol.
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Dale, we're just not going to see eye to eye on this one for the first time sice we started posting. The only problem I have seen w/ Glocks was the extractor in the older guns wore out after a while. Our department armorer updated a bunch of them for the guys who still have them. I will be the first to say that it will get nasty if "baby the slide" when racking a round into the pipe. If the it fails to go completely into battery, the Glock will still fire. The results are not good iin that case... But I've owned four Glocks, still own three. A .45acp, a .40SW, and my wife has the 26 9mm most of the time. Never had a problem.... To each his own...
I must confess that my experiences with Glocks go way back to 70's to the mid 70's.

Perhaps I need to be more flexible in my opinions since I'm sure, from what I've heard here, Glock is making a much better weapon.

I've done some thinking and I realize that, to this day, I have been comparing my experiences with what I know of my POJ S/W V40. I know I shouldn't....they're two different guns altogether.

I'll try to be more open minded in the future......yepper.
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