God Bless Stephen Ambrose!

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    I regret to inform all of you that Stephen Ambrose has passsed away. May God truly bless this man's soul! My heart goes out to all his family and friends. We owe much to this man's writings. His books illustrate the horrors of WW2 and solidifies the American (and allied) soldiers as the men who saved democracy. Stephen Spielberg drew greatly from his writings when forming the story line for SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. His book BAND OF BROTHERS has recieved rave rewiews since the HBO miniseries of the same title was aired last fall. I personally reccomend his book COMRADES, which draws greatly from his personal experiences as well as those of key figures in American history.

    He will surely be missed!

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  3. One of the great, if not THE greatest, premier WWII documentors has passed away.

    Some, who don't know about him, don't realize he was a very liberal democrat whose view changed after he left college teaching and began understanding the trudges of war.

    His views changed drastically during the time he wrote about death on the battlefield and became an ally.

    In addition to his cancer he suffered from unchecked diabetes and many times made the comment, "I chose my life. Those who died (referring to young soldiers) didn't have that choice".

    Thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, children and friends.
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    ****, I hadn't heard this untill now.
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    I feel badly I haven't read his stuff before his passing. I'll be taking Jesse's recomendation on COMRADES at our local library as soon as I can.

    Unfortunately, a lot of great Americans from this era are not with us any longer. Thanks for the heads up Jesse.
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    Among other things he was the founder of the D-Day museum in Louisianna, and helped to spread knowledege of this most significant event in U.S. military history.
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    Another goes to muster with the Lord

    I recently read "Band of Brothers", but haven't seen the series. I didn't realize Mr. Ambroses age and health problems. I'll be looking for his other books to read. I'm very sorry he has passed on.
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    I too didn't know he had health problems, and was looking forward to his next book. I'm sorry to hear that he's gone and grateful for everything he did while he was here.