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This is from ABC news..HEck Ill even add the link.....This isso freaking stupid that it would not even be funny if it were not for all the warnings we have recieved......

'Godzilla' Cited as Threat Source'
Officials Question Quality of Intelligence From Bin Laden Lieutenant
W A S H I N G T O N, May 27 — Americans prepared for their Memorial Day weekend amid a flurry of uncorroborated terror threats, some of which, sources told ABCNEWS, were inspired by the 1998 remake of the Japanese monster movie "Godzilla."

Most of the warnings released in recent months have come from interrogations of al Qaeda and Taliban prisoners in custody in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The main source has been a man named Abu Zubaydah, whom the United States believes was al Qaeda's chief of operations.

Questions are being raised, however, about whether Zubaydah is playing games with his interrogators, deliberately sending his captors off on time-consuming and expensive wild goose chases.

For instance, during interrogations recently, Zubaydah suggested that a bridge and a statue shown in the remake of "Godzilla" might be targets for terrorism, sources said.

When officials watched the movie, they concluded the alleged Osama bin Laden lieutenant was referring to the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. Within days, the information prompted officials to place both under heightened security.

In the past two months, Zubaydah has also been the primary source of warnings about radiological bombs — or dirty bombs — and possible al Qaeda bombings at shopping malls, banks in the Northeast and apartment complexes.

All the threats required resources to publicize and guard against.

"The problem with these threat warnings which are all emanating from Abu Zubaydah is that it stretches law enforcement resources very thinly and response teams very thinly," said ABCNEWS consultant Vince Cannistaro. "We treat each one of these threats as if they had equal value."

Sources said that what is happening is Zubaydah, described as extremely sophisticated and a master of subterfuge, is playing mind games with his government interrogators.

And even when investigators have doubts about Zubaydah's information, they say they have no choice but take it seriously.

That could the terror suspect's intent. He may be following al Qaeda's training manual, which includes instructions for giving disinformation, sources said.

"He is someone who believes in the organization, and its objectives," said Cannistraro. "He's not going to just turn over all of the inner secrets of al Qaeda."

—ABCNEWS' Pierre Thomas contributed to this report.

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