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Going, going...

Discussion in 'Swiss Rifles' started by dogzebra, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    I had a problem with SAMCO. I ordered a Swiss K31 from them. It was supposed to be an all numbers matching and a beech stock. Got a non matching numbers and the walnut stock. Rather than going through the hassle of returning the gun I took their offer of refunding me for $60. So I'm not real sure that what they advertise is what you get.

    Had an earlier problem with them that I tried to order a Yugo SKS from them. Mailed in my C&R because they would not take an emailed or faxed copy. Two weeks later I get a phone call from some receptionist there with such a heavy Cuban accent (I assume it was Cuban since they're in Miami) that I could understand maybe one word in three she said. Ended up saying they never recieved my C&R. So I remailed them another copy. Two weeks later same person calls back and says she never received the SECOND copy. Bull#$%^! I cancelled the order and got one from J&G, who sent me an unissued one for $10 more.

    I don't think I'm going to ever give them a third swing.
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  2. Hope my experience will be better than that. Ordered 2. 1 Walnut 1 Beech. They said it would take 2 weeks.
    Will have to order ammo from someone else. Samco was out.
  3. texnmidwest

    texnmidwest Sir Loin of Beef Forum Contributor

    Not bad pricing for what their are advertising! Short on cash right now but those would be a sound investment!
  4. PaleHawkDown

    PaleHawkDown G&G Evangelist

    It's hard to beat J&G for customer service. I remember my first purchase there, I asked the gentleman about the "hand-select" thing since I had never ordered a gun by mail before on my C&R. He personally fished around back there, and told me not to worry about the extra charge. My dad and I both got nearly pristine CZ-82s, though my dad picked out the slightly nicer one for himself.
    My dad ordered my Mosin from there as well, and it was also beautiful. I wasn't old enough to have my own license at that time.
    He was unhappy with a Makarov once and they traded him one of a higher grade at no cost. They even covered shipping.
    They are an excellent company.
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  5. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Ehhh, I have the K31, and a couple 91/11 conversions, I need a K11!
  6. dogzebra

    dogzebra G&G Evangelist

    I've an 1889, a 96/11, 1911 sporter, K-11, and a blond K-31. I'd like to have had a K-31 in walnut, but the pick-up needs brakes...
  7. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    And I got the mismatched numbers walnut, when I wanted the beech.
  8. Mine came in. Oh Soo nice!
    So far all my purchases form them have been great.
  9. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    And I've never had nothing but problems with them.

    Don't let me tell you about my two great SAMCO fails.
  10. Had issues with J&G Sales awhile back but they did work with me. Posting two unissued K-31s on new thread.
  11. They are posted. "Unissued K-31 are in".
  12. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    And SAMCO is already sold out of them.