Going hunting, but not really, anything I need to know?

Discussion in 'Big Game Hunting' started by DudeInMT, Oct 1, 2010.

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    So my buddy got his deer tags but is bummed cause nobody else is going this year in our circle. I told him I'd tag a long just so he didn't have to be alone, but I'm wondering if there's anything I need to worry about, as far as being hassled by the authorities? I just planned on going in my blaze orange and sticking around with him, in case he needed help hauling out or got into trouble/hurt etc. But I was told by one person that you can't go hunting without a license, even if you're not hunting. Anyone have any info on this?
  2. You should be able to go, I wouldnt bring a hunting rifle and I wouldnt handle his just in case there are any Wardens around. But If I was you I would call your local Game warden and ask him. He should be able to give you a definite answer over the phone. I have never heard of some one getting in trouble because they went with a freind hunting but wasnt hunting them self. You shouldnt have any problums but if you feel iffy about it call your local game warden.

    And Good luck to your friend :D

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    i'd get a license anyway, just to be sure. that 20-30 dollar license may save you a 500 (or more) dollar fine, so i think it'd be worth it, just to be sure.

    you could also use that license and get some bird tags/stamps/whatever it is in your state and try for turkeys or ducks or whatever so it doesn't feel like a waste to buy it and not really use it.

    or you could just call up the department of fish and wildlife, or whatever they call it where you live, and just ask. they will tell you for sure what you need to do.
  4. around here the wardens are nice. i've only bumped into them fishing and most of the time they don't even check licenses but to be on the safe side I would get one. I like the way North Carolina has their license setup. you can get a sportsman license and that covers everything. basic hunting license, big game, HIP (for migratory birds) duck stamp, it gives you permission to hunt game lands, and even freshwater fishing license and the fee for fishing mountain trout is all included, all for $40. I get that and add my coastal waters fishing license and it runs me $55.
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    if you are not carrying a gun/bow, and you are not attempting to harvest game, you are just enjoying the great outdoors. now if you were going to drive deer to your buddy, that might be a different story.
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    Carrying a firearm in a caliber conducive to a deer harvest constitutes "hunting" by the broadest of terms !! Carrying a 20ga shotgun with nothing more than 7 1/2 shot is another story!! The best chance is to call Fish and game !! Get a name !! Swede
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    Most F&G,DNR,FR,s have more good judgement than we can even expect,and work hard to promote outdoor activities.It doesn't cost much or probably nothing to call them and relieve your own mind.They are really nice people and much more intrested in helping you to enjoy the outdoors than arrest you.
  8. Im not saying you are wrong, but thats not the case everywhere. I don't do this nor do I believe in it for that matter but you can hunt deer with any caliber in this state. same thing with a shotgun, when I was taking hunters ed, a guy asked something similar to this, and his answer was, if you aren't going to have your hunting license, why would you be carrying a gun in the first place?
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    Even to go target practice on state,federal land in Mich,you must have a SGL and wear hunters orange.
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    Depends on your stat's regs. In CO i know for sure that if you are not hunting...you do not need a license. best advice...contact the DOW
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    Here in OH you can't even tag along on a deer hunt without a license AND deer tag....kind of stupid if you ask me. but i'm sure they get people trying to drive deer without licenses all the time.
  12. what about just carrying a handgun? camping during hunting season shouldnt be bad.
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    Here in California, Fish and Game don't care if you tag along, even if your carying your buddies gun as long as they dont whitness you hunting, handling game or shooting during hunting season. Where will you be hunting? I believe it is legal to cary a gun (sidearm or rifle) in the national forests fo your own protection.
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    I suppose it depends on the handgun, your basic personal protection handing in 9mm to 45 may be ok, but people do hunt with handguns so a SW 500 would probably put you in the hunters category.
  15. Brandhard

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    Those that told you to contact your states Fish and Game, or DNR, or whatever you have out there are completely correct. I can say though that in WI, someone can come along on the hunt, without a hunting license if they do not carry a rifle. If you have a big game license, but no deer tag left, you can actually shoot a deer for someone else in your group as long as you are in earshot of them, to come tag it. It can't be over two way radios or something.
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    Just want to echo those who said give the state game warden's office a call! Each state is different and each warden may view things differently as well. Best to know for sure.

    Also, be aware that wardens DO know who is hunting (by that state's definition) and who is not. It is safe to assume they have been watching you for a while before they approach.

    In Wisconsin "Hunting" is defined as having the ability to render game into your possession. So even if you have a rifle in your hands and the bolt is in your pack you are not hunting. (As told to me by a DNR warden during hunter safety.)

    BUT your state's laws may vary. Call them!
  17. Well we havnt heard back from ya in a while.....what did your local Fish&Game have to say?
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    We have the same kind of license here in KY but it runs about $95
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    Now this just be my odd version of common sense, but since this is a free country, you should be able to go out and enjoy nature at any time of the year. If you happen to be wearing an orange vest for your protection during certain times of the year it shouldn't be wrong.

    If you actively participate in the hunt (i.e. driving deer to your buddy, it's debatable) you might need a license, or if you are carrying a firearm someone might question your intentions.

    Contacting the DNR or equivalent is always a good idea when you have questions though.
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