Going in for angioscopy

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  1. I am going in for an angiothingy(TT how bout some help with this) tomorrow. I hope to see y'all soon. Prayers will be appreciated. Mitch I guess you can light some incense or sell flowers at the airport or whatever it is you do. LOL
  2. Okay jimkim, your on my Prayer list! Be good and hope you get the best care too.

  3. I will pray for you

    I more and more believe in the power of prayers.
    I will pray for you and all your family and friends.
  4. Hey Jimkin, you'll be in my prayers. Ive' had 3 of them, it's not that bad of a proceedure, just the results may be not so good. They'll fix whatever needs to be, while they're in there. If they can't fix, it then you may need bypass surgery. Just make sure you go to a hospital that specializes in heart and lung. They'll give you about 15 black russians worth of sedative, then numb up your groin. the worst part is having to lay flat and not move for 6 to 12 hours afterwards. The nurses will take great care of you though.(at least in my case) I've been lucky, 2 stents & 3 angioplasties. The only thing you may feel is pressure when the access the artery
    good luck and God bless.
  5. Definitely will send prayers your way jimkim. These days an angioplasty is pretty routine. Not saying it's routine for the one getting it done, but for the ones who are doing it, it's like a mechanic doing brake jobs. They do them on a daily basis. As I said I will pray that everything turns out good. Talk to you soon...
  6. I've prayed for you. I had it about about 12 years ago. I have a funny, but healthy, heartbeat. I was not thrilled at the prospect of'm sticking stuff into my heart but it turned out it wasn't that bad, I've had worst dental appointments. I actually got to see my heart as it was beating. I was kinda amazed at that. I was at the Baptist Hospital in San Antonio, they treated me like a King. I'd do it again if my Doctor told me he needed a look see.
    You be fine.
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    Having had open heart surgery, I truly hope that your fix is much simpler.

    Positive Karma to ya! :)
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    Prayers to you. Get back and join us as soon as you can!
  9. I would like to thank all of you for your prayers. I know what they can do. I guess in a way I feel guilty to ask for myself when there is so much going on today. There are families who have no food nor health care. There are people in agony all over this world. There are good people who are being oppressed. Please pray for them as well. If you only have time for one prayer, pray for them first. I don't mean to offend anyone and I truly truly thank all of you for remembering me. May the Lord,God of Israel place his hand upon each and everyone of you. You are in my prayers. God bless you all. In Jesus' name I pray.Amen
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    You will be fine...We will await your return to let us know what they found out !!!
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    Let us know how things turn out, Jim. We hope for the best.
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    Be there, Done that. It really ain't bad. I had them go in thru my right arm and even though my arm looked like it was used as a baseball bat for 9 full innings, there was NO PAIN.

    I have watched my diet and I was afraid to crap for about 3 years and then I decided, Screw that I need to get on with life. I have now gone back to my life style, I chop wood, I cut trees, I do landscaping and I hunt and climb the mountains. It takes a bit more time to get to the top, but I get there and on top of all that, I am still able to pass my AFPT and continue with my Military Career.

    It will only get you down, if you allow it to get you down.
    I have some info I will share with you and I highly recommend to research Vitamin C and Dr Linus Pauling and then add some L-lysine as well. I take 4000 mg of Vit C, 4000 mg of Lysine, 600 I.U. of D-Alpha Vit E, 20,000 units of Vit A & 10,000 Units of D and B Complex, per day and have been for 9 years. If you send me you email addy, I will send you all that I have done (I have it documented) and I have passed every test they have thrown at me and they threw me off Rehab 6 weeks early because I was doing so well. Believe me, the info works and I am still verticle and on top of the sod.
    I don't know you, but I share your experience and I am doing GREAT.

    Take care and Good Luck.
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    jimkim: Sir; never be embarrassed about asking for prayers; we are put here together to help one another.
    Sir; I pray for you and your family, for the Drs. that are watching over you.
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    Consider your self Prayed for jimkim.
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    Jimkim, you are my friend and I didn't see this post until today but my prayers for you and your family. Let us know how things go.
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    Good luck with your procedure. I had a massive heart attack Feb 2007, and they performed this procedure WITHOUT any pain killers or numbing meds.. THAT was alot of fun.. The cardio doc informed me during a short period of consciousness that they were losing me and they had to go in immdiately.You will be numbed up and won't feel a thing. Maybe a little pressure in your chest as was previously stated. I had two stents put in during the procedure and I went from being in and out of life on the table, to wanting to go home after the procedure. You do have to lay still after the procedure. The needles they put in for this procedure if they go through your groin will be large, and they don't want you to move afterwards while the holes clot. You can bleed out within 3 minutes if you move too much and impair the body's abililty to clot at this area, ( I think).Bottom line, this is a very standard procedure for the DOCTORS, but not for you and me. Your full of apprehension and that's a common feeling. You'll do fine, and I wish you well. Prayers are on the way for you and your family..Good luck buddy!!!:kiss:
  17. They plugged my 'holes' with pig tissue of some kind. 2 Weeks later I was working cows from horseback. You'll be fine jimkim. Ask me later how I know for sure.
  18. Jim rest your mind and don't worry about anything your in Gods hands now and he loves you so just Praise the Lord !!!
    With all these good members praying for you, God will intervein buddy.
    I'll be praying too.
    God Bless you...Mike
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    Jimkin...you've got my prayers, too. It's amazing how modern medicine handles those things in a routine manner. But...for the patient it is a major thing to face. You'll be ok...and I'm looking forward to chatting with you about this when you're feeling better.
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    Take care and let us all know how your doing.