Going to the rescue . . .

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Big Dog, May 7, 2002.

  1. Big Dog

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    A buddy told me of a local pawnshop having a Mosin, so we went there at lunch time to see it. It's a Chinese Type 53 Carbine. Those are rare in this area, we normally see only the Russian and East European models. I checked the markings with the Mosin.net site, and it is an early Type 53. Instant exclusivity!
    The bad news is, it's been bubba'd! The stock has been cut down. It was in good shape, wood wise. Finding a decent stock shouldn't be too hard. The metal is in excellent condition, and the blueing still strong. The bore is dirty (no surprise, at a pawnshop!) but the rifling looks good. It should cleanup very nice.
    I don't currently have a carbine, so I'm thinking seriously of buying it this afternoon. I like the idea of rescuing an old abused warhorse, and restoring it. What do you think, guys? I can never have too many Mosins! My shoulder says no, but my heart says "go for it!"
  2. PAPA G

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    GO FOR IT!!! every orphan deserves a home and love!!!. remember about ten years ago, the type 53's were every where!!! now try to find one!!!!! always gettem while you can, least ways no regrets later when they become scarce!!:nod:

  3. Cranky-Kraut

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    Well....Cranky....being the Cranky-Kraut that he is....takes the opposing viewpoint. (Go figure...hahaha)

    For me ( a shooter of original condition, unissued soviet weapons) any gun that has been altered in such an irreversible manner as "cutting down the stock" become uninteresting because I want to own & experience the weapon in its original form....the way it was intended to be used.

    I suppose if you are dying to have it as a shooter then PAPA G is right....go for it! If however you are thinking that you must have it due to its rarity as a Chinese 53....think again. The alteration to the stock, in terms of being a collectible Chinese 53, renders it a parts gun only and has destroyed its collector value.

    If I were you I would look at it as strictly a shooter and no longer as a rare Chinese 53. In that light.....Id rather use my money to buy an unissued & unaltered Russian M44 with a CLEAN bore.

    But thats just my cranky two-cents worth. <grin>
  4. Big Dog

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    That's a good point, Kraut. I know it'll never have "collector value", but I like having something just a bit out of the ordinary. It seems everybody and his cousin here has a Russian carbine. It's the same reason I don't have a 10-22, just too common! I've always been a do-it-yourselfer, and see this as another chance at some hands-on work with a nifty little gun. If I wanted just another carbine, I'd get a $50 Russian. I guess I'm just a bit weird that way.
  5. dodge

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    how much?

    how much are thay asking for this type 53 carbine?? for $50 or less I'd buy it(if I where you) any more then that would be kinda expensive, since I bought a hole un-bubba'd type 53 for $75 at a gun show, dirty bore also, and stock was really dirty also(40+ years of grime and abuse).
  6. Cranky-Kraut

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    Going to the rescue...

    Go For It Big Dog!

    I understand 100%

    I shoot Mosins, love horseradish and drive a Trabant.

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  7. TERRY8mm

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    how did you get a TRABI in Arkansas??????
  8. Doglips

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    I believe we should form a Mosan Nagant rescue society....non proffit..federaly funded would be nice. Rember that it is up to us to provide loveing homes for all abandoned, neglected and abused firearms.....an empty spot in a gun safe is like an empty spot in your hart waiting too be filled (Man thats good..gona have too lay that one on wifee poo).
  9. Big Dog

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    I paid too much, but it ain't about the money. After I restock it and add some more goodies, it'll probably be the most expensive Chinese Carbine in Florida. Well, not being married helps.
    The pawnshop had it labeled as "Japanese", probably thought they had an Arisaka - LOL! I told the kid behind the counter what it really was, and he asked me if it was a shotgun or rifle! These store clerks don't even know what they're selling.
    Well, I got it home, and it cleaned up very nice. Good bore. It looks like it's been re-blued, but the markings are all intact. It'll never have collector value, but I like it. This weekend I'll slip on the recoil pad and give my shoulder a workout! It's gonna be while til the next gunshow, so this'll help me bide the time.

  10. Cranky-Kraut

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    Trabants in Arkansas?....You bet!

    I simply brought my Trabant with me when I moved here back in 2000. Under US Law, so long as the vehicle is over 25 years old you can bring it in and it is exempt from all DOT & EPA standards as a collectible or vintage vehicle.

    It cost me $630 and took about 3 weeks to arrive in Galveston, Texas. From Galveston I drove it to Austin. I just moved to Arkansas last month and brought the Trabi up on a car-trailer pulled by the moving van.

    The photo below was taken of my Trabi in Austin last year.

    For more real info please have a look at the Trabant Owners Club I started. The URL is....



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  11. Dennis

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    Big dog have fun with that rifle
  12. Calvin

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    Big Dog, you have done a great justice. I bought an old #4 Mk2 that had been sitting on the rack for about 4 years. It was ugly, the wood was really banged up, and it looked like it had been stored in a well for 30 years. After bringing it home, and sitting for 3 years, I have now, what I believe, to be the best-looking #4 Mk2 in this time zone. I had it refinished, installed new wood, and it is the most accurate Enfield I have owned. Just remember the "Ugly Duckling" story. You should have a great carbine when you are finished.
    As far as the Rescue Society, where do I sign up???
  13. Big Dog

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    I had already rescued and refurbished many .22's and two "bubba'd" Mausers, so I'm just continuing a tradition. I have nothing against someone wanting to make a nice sporter of a common milsurp, if they do it right, but I myself simply prefer the original style. They also just seem to shoot better, when their dignity is restored.
  14. TERRY8mm

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    I know its off topic guys, but these little cars are neat!

    Tag, Kranky, WIE GEHTS!
    Does yours have body parts made from resin impregnated cotton? and the 2 cycle engine?

    MY families original namen ist Von Wolder, Ich bin ein "square kopf" kraut.

    couldn't remember the word for square, don't use viele Deutsch around Kentucky, ya know!
  15. Cranky-Kraut

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    Hi Terry8mm,
    Drop me aline at my personal e-mail and Ill tell ya all about it.

    [email protected]