Gonna go Boom!!!

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  1. I think that the Middle East is going to go. It appears to me that Israel has made an effort to pull back and give the US sponsored peace talks a chance. Probably with some arm-twisting by the US. Naturally the terrorist could not have this happen, so they set off the latest suicide bombing. Everyone knows that Israel has to react. So what does Arafat do, he now says “yes, we will agree to a cease fire and drop all of our conditions for oneâ€, but this turkey knows all along that Israel is going to retaliate. So he is trying to push Israel into the position, that they are the aggressors and he is the one who wants peace. The west won’t buy it but he doesn’t care about us. He wants to influence the Arab countries. After all they don’t believe that Osama was responsible for the WTC attacks. But what can be done? The terrorists want an all out war between the Palestine people and Israel. I am sure that the Arafat and the Palestine’s believe if Israel gets to physical that the other Arab states will come to their aid. They are going to continue this crap until Israel is forced to deal with them harshly. I just don’t see any way to stop this, so what should the US do? I would hate to see us send troops, beside Israel can take care of them selves, but we must support them. After all they are the only democracy in the region.

    Where is this going to lead? Think god I am not the president, and George W Bush is……
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    Like you, I think this pot is about to boil over. It's been simmering too long. Israel has been successful in the past because she never had to fight a truly organised enemy force. Egypt and Syria could have dealt with them much more harshly if they had united more strongly. I have a strong admiration for Israel's fighting men and women, but they are a small nation, surrounded by hostiles. If it get's really bad, we may well have to intervene and help them. We have a defense agreement with them. Unfortunately, that would goad the terrorists into more acts against "the Western Agressors".
    Batten down the hatches, the storm's comin'!

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    i agree,this is going to go full bore soon, iraeli armed forces will force the palestinians out , and the suicide bombings will increas, not sure which arab country will attack first,but for sure they will. any christian with half a brain will stay home and not travel to the holy land as is custom for this time of the year. as far as US involvement i see ships and marines evacuating americans from the fracus, and resupply flights for the IDF. our sending ground troops will come when the IDF gets bogged down, and needs a boost. the smart people will stay here. i tend to believe it will be a few to ten years before we see another terror attack here. the other effect of 9/11 has been the almost ludicrus airport security initiatives, the overly cautious security for large events, keeping every one looking over their shoulders. the increase in personal worrys all adds up. the tv images of guardsmen patrolling airports with no ammo is just a show and a disservice just window dressing. and old joe foss detained at an airport because of a keychain bullet and his CMO in his pocket were viewed as a threat. do you feel safer knowing a certified WWII hero was stopped from boarding and interigated. i know things have to change but it seems to me its going all wrong, and liberal crying out if profiling were to be used. i ain't skeered o' dem old folks, i's one a dem.
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    Well, Papa G, they always go over-board after an event. I was working airport security here, when Lockarby, Scotland hit the news. Things went ridiculous for a few weeks, things that had been okay to take suddenly were suspect. We were having News camera guys field-stripping their $40,000 cameras! You think just the passengers got hot? He was livid. But, those were the rules. It's the same now, big show but it will settle back down.
    We'l keep watching the news, and keep our heads down.
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    Yep it will

    Haveing wathced the Isrealies while in Lebnon they dont play! When it comes to protectign themselfs they are willing to do what ever it takes and I would not be overly surprised if push came to shove that they would use Nuclar weapons to keep their land....Im not a bible thumper but that revalatoins section is startign to make some sense....
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    speaking of revelations i for one find some similarity in chapter 18, with the events of 9/11.i know, you may think i'm nuts, but some how i feel its related!!!! all right everyone load up and blast me!!!!!as for terrorist they have gone into hiding, until the next time when we are back to normal and off guard again.
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    Chapter 18 is very similar, as the "smoke" is seen by so many, and in it ruined in a hour. As people did not trade and sale anything for that time, but I do not know if it was referring to that, but it is very scary.
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    I just signed on 10 min ago, and dont know the score on Gun Room rules on communication. Sounds like an interesting forum. Looking forward to talking to other "Gun Nuts" Get in touch! stasn_stan @yahoo.com
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    welcome stash_stan, grab a cup pull up a chair smokem if ya gottem, rules bascialy is be nice don't trash, bash smash, splash, mash, crash, lash, quash, dash. your fellow poster, be nice, don' troll, no profanity, share, learn, question, answer,and have fun!!!!:D
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    Papa G just pretty much said it all, good clean chatting to help all kinda stuff.

    But Welcome to the forums and hope to get to know you better!
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    Jason!! heydee!!!what part of Guntucky do ya call home???:D :D :D
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    Louisville, just moved up here about 5-6 months ago, moved from Mountains of NC. And it is so great up here. And the Machine Gun Shoot is not too far from here at all, it used to take me 8 hours to drive up here, now it only takes me less than 1!
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    welcome to the great state of kentuck!!!!!!! i know you will have a ball!!!!!!! moved here 7 years ago fromNJ and no regrets!!!:D
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    Hey, wait untill we go rollin' into Iraq. That will throw another bucket of poop at the fan. You know we werent going to get any assist from the Arabic nations anyway, but I would expect a little help from our so called "Allies" in Europe. It's not like we dont make a habbit of bailing them out! But hey, I guess they see it as A new Century and a clean slate. They need to take off their Politicaly correct colored glasses, climb down off the fence and pick a side.
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    I'd have agree there. From desert storm onward it seems Canada is the only allied force willing to get their shirt sleeves dirty!! The rest show up in parade dress for the photo shoots.
    I just think it would be nice if we did get a little recognition once in while though. Winnipeg is as close as you will get to the geographic centre of North America as you'll get, making us a prime target, and yet we send dang near every trained soldier we got over there to look for Bin Laddin. Always been that way though, on the fronts we lose the lives but in the end in all the papers, Europe won the war.
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    Actually, I honestly think many of our "allies" sent forces into Kuwait and Iraq just to test out their new weapons under realistic conditions.
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    New Weapons ??

    NEW WEAPONS, and the word CANADA, do not go together in the same sentence!! Our boys finally got new uniforms suitable for the climate and conditions, and that caused a uproar in the house of commons, re over spending on the millitary.
    We didn't go over to try out any-thing, We went over to help you guys kick some butt. Seems strange to me that we were only supposed to be over on support, and fly recon, yet we still suffered casualltys, in desert storm!
    Why do we keep what our ground forces did a secret? Is it because Canada doesn't want to lose it's image as "peace-keepers" or is it that other allied forces don't want to admit we can whup a-- with the best of them, even if we are just farm boy's with second hand sling shots and 12 guages held together with barbed wire??
    The beaches of Normandy should tell the story for us, if it got more than 1 paragraph in a grade 12 history book. I get my history from the only reliable source, the busted and broken men who were there and lived to tell about it. When they tell, I listen, lest we forget, lest e\we forget!!!
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    It doesn't make any sense.
    These people are blowing them selves up for what?
    Why, The real question Why? what is motivating them. I havent seen a reasonable explanation Yet for this whole **** thing.
    The Al Queda are going to Train for two to three years to fly, so they can blow themselves up, because the US is defending Saudi Arabia? It doesnt make sense.
    Are these people that gulible to believe this drivel from OBL
    The Palestinians are blowing them selves up to do .......What?
    Kill a Few Isrealis?
    They want to goad Isreal into hurting them so they can do.....What? Is Egypt going to go to war with Isreal? over this?
    Is Syria? NO
    So .......What is their goal?
    I dont think they have one.
    I think that the Isrealis are going to have to Clean house.
    They may look like a bunch of NAZI's but what other options do they have?
    It is so purposless
    Real wars are fought for a reason
    What reason do they have? they want to over throw The Isreali government? Kill all the Jews?
    Is this How they could do that? Not in a hundred years.
    They want their own "Palistinian State" The Isreali's are trying to give them just that.
    They cant even agree enough to run their own Small area.
    They have no unity.
    It seems from what I have heard and seen in the Media that the Palistinians are a brutal and barbaric people that know only hate and selfishness. They have been brought kicking and screaming into the twenty(First) century.They have No Leadership, no common Anything. They just want to hurt others.
    Like spoiled children.
    Remember on 9/11 the film of Palistinian people danceing in the streets?
    I dont think they understand what real War is. It has been a while since we have seen Real or"total" War on this planet.
    Why do they want that? why do they creat a situation that will require it.? Limited warfare is waged by Militarys on other Militarys Total War is waged by peoples on other peoples with the use of the military.
    You have to have a historical perspective, you have to remember.
    If the device hadn't worked a Alamagordo.
    The planned invasion of Japan would have taken place.
    Try to imagine a Japan today with just 4 or 5 million people in it.
    May be less. it is not inconcievable that there would be NO Japanese people or culture or language today.
    That is the risk of Total War.
    Is this what the Palistinians,Al Queda and that whole bunch are trying to bring about? Why?Are they just bored?
    It doesn't make any sense.
    Can someone Make me understand?
  19. gentleman, why are we in the 18th chapter of revelations. we haven't even entered chapter 1. those of you who study revelations know that the first horseman is the antichrist. this is the person who signs the peace treaty with isreal for seven years. ok let me finish it will last just long enough to allow the jews to rebuild the temple. ever heard of the seven year tribulation period? at the midpoint the antichrist sets himself up as god in the temple. isreal has always been under the protection of god. it doesnt matter what the odds they will win. the last great battle on earth will be fought in the valley of megiddo hence the battle of armageddon. "i will gather all the nations to jerusalem to fight against it; the city will be captured, the houses ransacked, and the women raped. half the the city will go in to exile, but the rest of the people will not be taken from the city" (14:2). not a pretty picture. the only thing that will save isreal is supernatural intervention. this stuff in the middle east is just getting started. it's pretty bleak, but this is god's thing. the only thing we are commanded to do is pray for peace in isreal. thank you and god bless. and keep those weapons cleaned and oiled---you never know.
  20. dennis the palestinians are just a small part of the picture. the whole arab world hate the jewish people. there will come a time when the arab coilition and maybe russia will march against isreal. but because of supernatural intervention jerusalem will survive. keep an eye out for that individual who has a plan for peace in the middle east. because everyone will follow him. he is not who he seems. the antichrist. ok enough revelations. how about someone else's take on this. thank you and god bless.