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  1. What's a good inexpencive .22lr pistol, this would be for plinking, nothin' fancy.
    Ok everyone, sound off!!!
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    a pair of pliers and a hammer:p but seriously a ruger should fit the bill

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    I picked up 2 sinlge action revolvers for the kids 1 22mag 1 22 LR. They were used Inports from FIE i belive...too lazy to walk to the safe to check. Payed $50 each for them they do pretty well for plinking and such...kinda of pain to get emptyies out..have that western style single case punch out slot.....Ive shoot them a few times and did pretty good...the girls love them...course they are pimp guns.."gold plated"...sure its fake but nice and shinney. Look around the auctons and old gun stores and Im sure you can find some good deals. I know the little cheep autos jam easy.
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    I like the heck out of the 8 shot J Frame & 10 shot L Frame revolvers Smith & Wesson has. I like 3 & 4 inch stainless versions respectively...but you can't go wrong with a Ruger Single Six or Mark 2
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    As far as semi-auto's go I have owned both a Ruger 22/45 and a Browning Camper. The Ruger is much harder to take-down for cleaning and the Browning fits my hand much better than the 22/45. I absolutely love Ruger firearms but not so much that one. I still own the Browning. my 2¢....

  6. I like the Ruger mark II for plinking. Its very accurate but not the cheapest. My 35 year old Hi Standard is a close second and it was half the cost of the Ruger.

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    S&W 22A is an excellent gun as is the Taurus Tracker .22 in satin stainless 6 inch barrel. S&W 289.00$ ....Taurus 325.00$
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  8. I haven't owned all the .22s available, of course, but in the pistols I have a Browning Buck Mark autoloader and a Ruger Single Six .22/,22 mag revolver with a 7" barrel and I simply love both of them. The Browning is the more accurate of the two but has a hair trigger and is pain to field strip (in fact if you don't have a screw driver with you when you're out and about you're SOL).

    The Browning is very well balanced and dependable and over eleven years all I have had to do was replace the extractor, extractor spring and pin for the tune of around $5. I bet I've put well over 3,000 rounds down the chute. When I had the gun at the store, to match the parts I mentioned earlier, the smith looked it over and pronounced in in A-1 health although he did recommend replacing the feed ramp in the near future.

    If I recall, the last time I checked, the same gun is running around $238 now.

    I have had the Ruger Six for many, many years and, in fact, it's a three screw version that has been back to the shop for a safety enhancement. I'm thinking the same gun today runs around the same as the Buck Mark although I may be wrong.

    The Ruger has always been a sturdy little gun and is as accurate as one might expect from a mass produced handgun. If I had one thing to change on it it would be the angle of the grip which is somewhat clumsy for my big hand. But there are varied versions of replacement grips one can replace the stock grips with if wanted.

    I found the new Sixes at the store have a better feature allowing a free spinning cylinder when the bullet port is opened for easier ejection of the cases than my older one has. On mine you have to half cock the gun to allow the cylinder to turn to the next ejection position.

    With either I don't think you would go wrong....the only question of the two is if you want a wheel gun or an auto loader.

    I have heard some mighty good things about the S & W .22s also and I have a buddy who has a Taurus wheelgun .22 that he wouldn't part with unless, perhaps, it was with his wife on her way out, lol.

    Good luck on whatever you finally decide on.......fer sure.
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    Ruger mark 2 for sure FIE are junk dont get one
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    sure like my Mark II, a buddy of mine has a Taurus, I admire it.
    My other friend has a single six,,, cool thing is you have both 22LR & 22 Maggie capability. The bearcat is a sweat heart too. spend just a tad extra on a quality gun it's worth it in the long run. Did I mention my brother loves his Browning?
  11. If you already own a Glock, CZ-75, or 1911A1, you might consider a caliber conversion. Ciener makes a conversion for the Glock and the 1911A1 (Wilson markets it under the Wilson Combat label), and CZ makes it's own conversion called the Kadet. I believe that Marvel and Jarvis make conversions for the 1911s as well, and maybe for the Glocks.

    I own a Ciener .22 conversion for a 1911, and believe it or not, it shoots as accurately as my friend's High Standard Citation with most ammo. It is a lot more accurate than am. ;) I think they are in the $200 range these days.
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    My wife has had her Beretta 70S semi-auto .22 L.R. since 1967 (when we bought it new) and haven't had a single problem with it.
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    I like the Rugers. There's a gun dealer in my area that warrenties any used firearm he sells. If you can find one that is like-minded you can find some good deals.
  14. thanks for all the good info guys, it's just what i was looking for!:cheer:
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    Oooh...that stainless Bearcat...soon as I see one I'm buying it.
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    I'm getting on the Mark II bandwagon...I think it's a great pistol. It can be very difficult to break down tho. Brownell's sells some gadgets to make brake down easier. Good Shooting!