good cheap shotgun?

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by ninjatoth, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. ninjatoth

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    I'm looking for a home defense shotgun with 18" barrel that is cheap and reliable,and that I can also plink some birdshot with.The local gunshops have NEF,IAC,Savage and Maverick 18" shotguns that are all around $200,but they all look the same to me,what one of those is best?
  2. Sober

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    I personally would go with the Maverick 88 By mossberg its what I own. You can also mod it with a bunch of stuff because all the stuff I've seen for a Mossberg 500 also fits on the Maverickk 88...I mean after all they are the same gun. Just ones a little cheaper built than the other. Oh and the safety on a Mossy 500 is in a diff spot

  3. franchi

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    870 all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. 99z28monster

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    Out of what you listed get the Maverick. Mossberg 500s are cheap and dead reliable the remington 870 is another option as well and still cheap brand new 300 and less.
  5. I agree with Sober. I would definitely go with the Maverick.
  6. Tired Winchester 10

    I would grab a tired old Winchester that still works, and cut to fit (staying legal of course). I believe It has a solid firing pin so watch out. If you bang the butt on the floor with a round in the chamber, it will likely go off.
    I believe common to the Model 97, a nice thing is that if you work the slide with the trigger pulled you can induce a devastating Slam Fire effect. The Model 97 is just as good, but everyone wants one so they're more pricey.
  7. Maverick 88, but why not spend a couple extra bucks and get the Mossberg 500? The 500 is what I use and I've never had any kind of problem with it.
  8. samuel

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    If you insist on an 18"bbl,I wouldn't expect miracles if using birdshot. (you might have it threaded for insert chokes and do ok,but there goes the "cheap" part. ,,,sam.
  9. Easy...H&R pardner pump protector.
  10. I've owned a Maverick 88 Security and liked it a lot BUT !!! The H&R-NEF Pardner pump is the best one of the one's you've mentioned. I've got one thats a hunting model not an HD model. For the money you can't go wrong, there that good and they are similer to the Remington 870. Check one out and if you don't like it the Mossberg Maverick 88 would make you an excellent HD shotgun...A.H
  11. ninjatoth

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    Well,I found a local dealer on galleryofguns and went there today,along with my Ruger single six just seeing what kind of a trade he would do,I was surprized that he offered me $280 for the Ruger and he just so happened to have a Remington 870 Express 18.5" for $319,so when it was all said and done I walked out of the store without my revolver and without $59.15,but walked out with the Remington 870.I feel good.

  12. Because your spending 60 bucks more for the safety to be on top and the for arm to be a 3 peice instead of molded for arm. Those are the only diffrences in the 88 and 500, as far as quality they are built to the same standerds I believe. From what I have heard read and seen (m 88 and a 500 torn down side by side) they wernt that diffrent, the 500 was a little diffrent since the safety was on top instead of by the trigger but other than that they were pretty much the same gun. So unless you plan on changing out the for arm and going major upgrades on it, why spend 60 bucks more for the 500? I meen if your going to leave it as is when you buy it I just cant justify spending 60 bucks more for it.

    PS and I say 60 because from what I ahve seen that is roughly how much more the 500s are than the 88s last time i checked prices on them a year ago.
  13. go with a maverik

    just a cheap version of a mossberg (made by same company)

    mine has worked great
  14. BarryHalls

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    88 Field

    There is no other option IMO.
  15. alaskanhunter

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    Another vote for maverick. Mossberg makes the best shotguns for the money.
  16. BarryHalls

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    You'll find out that the 18" barrel SUCKS for bird/clay shooting. They pattern is just WAY too loose.
  17. Guy's he has bought one and a good one at that.