Good Deal?? SVT 40 Bayo

Discussion in 'Other Accessories' started by frenchy, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. frenchy

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    These sound awful pricey but i think i read they are very hard to find and can cost as much as the rifle.
    Unissued, Sportsman's Guide: JXM-167766 $249.97 buyer's club $224.97 :dunno:
  2. H&R12G

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    I saw that in their magazine. I thought it's kinda pricey, but then again I haven't really searched for SVT 40 bayonets. I mean, if you got the money to pee away and an SVT 40 too put it on go for it. I'm angry because I have niether of those things. lol. Nice little piece of history anyways.

  3. SVT 40's are selling very quickly on another forum for 1000 to 1200 each.
    Probably why the hard to find bayos are going for so much.