Good name is Dale and I'm a Mosin Nagantaholic.

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by Dale, Oct 1, 2002.

  1. Just after I made a stupid comment in another post below about being more of an older military gun type collector than mostly of Moisin Nagants I finally have hit rock bottom and gotta admit I'm addicted.

    I walked into a gun shop today (one I had never been in before) for the expressed purpose of just getting some ammo (yeah, right).

    As I looked around I noticed a large floor mounted rack of older guns. Off I go.

    What did I find.....? A Russian 91/30 in exceptional......(repeat and emphasize exceptional) condition!

    All numbers matched......bore bright and clean. The stock had it's usual cold war era appearance but no dings, digs, major scratches or cracks. The barrel, receiver and triger group bluing was dark blue and spotless. The bolt was as shiny as an uncirculated coin and the bolt slide and internals showed very little wear. The price was ever so slightly higher than what I was used to but I figured, hey, in that condition it might be worth it.

    Needless to say, I took it to the counter and filled out the adoption paperwork.

    I also got the original and serial numbered bayonet, oil can and double (ugly dark and light brown leather) ammo pouch.

    God, she's a beaut hanging in there.

    I was gonna to bore y'all with a few photos but I keep getting a forum error message when I try to attach one. Perhaps later.

    So, now, all you guys quit talking about Moisins and maybe I can forget about them......fer a while.

  2. oneastrix

    oneastrix G&G Newbie

    I keep getting the "error" message myself. Heck of a gun, sounds like!
  3. PAPA G

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    said the spider to the fly. right now your in the "I smoked but didn't inhale" stage of Mosin Madness. one little one won't hurt, i can stop any time. than the shakes the drooling before you know it a full blown addiction is born!!!!! fortunatly the cure is worse than the addiction and few take the cure!!!!;)
  4. Stewart

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    Dale, I can sympathize with you. There is no way when I started this month that I thought that I would get three more rifles, two of them Mosins. The purchases happened before I knew it. One time I just remember giving my credit card number, the next I just remember the guy saying it will ship in two days.
  5. Big Dog

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    Those durned mosins! They're ugly, cumbersome, hurt like heck to shoot, got to special order the oddball ammo, stink of cosmoline. Oh Gawd, how we love 'em! :)
    (As I sit here carressing number six!)

    :D :nod:
  6. k8cca

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    Uhhhhh, I to, with no thanks to this here forum :cheer:, am joyfully addicted to the MN. Got my sights on a M91/30 (need a long one) and then who knows. On man I need to smell some cosmoline. :D
  7. Big Dog

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    My best shooter so far is the ol' M1891, with the funky "Arshin" sights. Shoots a tad high at 100 yards (what Mosin doesn't!) but it groups very tight.
    My Finn M39 is dissappointing - she looks great but her bore is badly pitted. Kinda like finding out the prom queen has bad teeth! :p
    Haven't shot the new M44 yet. Saturday morning just before daylight, I'll light up the sky. If y'all hear thunder down south then, it'll be me! :cool:
  8. Big Dog,

    Hey, now. I went to the prom and even if she didn't have the best teeth I still had a great time.

    It was waking up in the barn stall with her that was embarrassing. But she had something no one else had.......four udders. But....hey!
  9. Dennis

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    Dale, Welcome to the dark side.
    Stock up on ammo (by the case) start shooting, and shooting,
    and shooting.....
    Eventually some lost soul will come. they will know that they
    want but know what it is. Then will be the time to unveil.......
    the awsom, the magnifesent
    Mosin Nagant
    At first they wont understand the Glory
    Then, they will know, as you...........................
    Go my son and fire thy soviet thunderstick
    They are comeing and we must prepare.