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  1. so, im holding onto my buddies sks for him, its locked in a case in side my locked gun case. i dont use or touch it or even look at it, im holding it for him cause he lives in the dorm.

    he also wants to borrow my 12 gauge when he goes to the lake house this week-end, on account of bears and being out there alone

    i have no problem holding his rifle, or lending out my shotgun for the weekend, but my dad brought up an interesting point

    should i get him (and vice-versa) to sign off a waiver so to speak in regards to gun custody? all the paper work is in his name for his sks for example, should he sign something that entitles me to hold it for a specified period of time? or does it not really matter to much?
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    Each state is different but any time you loan/ borrow out anything, it must be returned in the same condition as it left. If you gun becomes lost or stolen, your buddy is responsible. Not for the original purchase price, but a dollar amount equal to todays market. Let's say your shotgun cost $200 bucks new. It has depreciated a little since you bought it and now it's only worth $125. That's what he would have to pay, NOT replacement value.

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    if your good friends and he is responcible then i dont think you should worry about it but it cant hurt to have him sign a waiver
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    Hmm...that's something I've often wondered. I'd say do it just to be on the safe side of things.
  5. I've made a disision long ago to "not" loan guns. I try hard to keep mine in excellent condition and I would hate to loan a gun thats retuned with dings, surface rust that wasn't there when I loaned it !
    That doesn't mean I want let someone shoot one under my supervishion.
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    I loaned a S&W 38 pistol to a "friend" many years ago; it came back broken and I had to take it to a gunsmith. My "friend" pointiedly did not offer to pay for the repairs. Last time I ever loaned one of my guns out. YOu live & learn.

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    You should have him sign a contract that both of you will be friends no matter what happens to the firearm,because if you loan it,I will bet you won't be.I never had any luck loaning guns or lawnmowers. sam.
  8. Why doesn't he just take the SKS with him?
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    Waivers mean exactly squat in a court of law. Contracts is a little better but not by much. I got burnt in a court because of a "waiver"
  10. How about a receipt addressing ownership, loss, etc.? A waiver should be as enforceable as a contract.
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    With the laws today, you may have a problem. When I decided to open the shop, to repair guns, I contacted ATF, and they said I needed a FFL to keep firearms overnight. They also explained that I had to log said firearms in and out of my record book. You need to check your state laws, and make sure that it's okay to store the rifle, or what needs to be done, to comply with the law. And I personally, do not loan out firearms, because of the possibility of accidents. They'll come right back to you, being the owner of the gun.
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    I was going to ask if I could borrow the gun you have hidden from your wife that's under the bed........:09:
  13. I got your message and seeing how it's you, you can use it LOL...A.H
  14. Oops; sounds like I put it back just in time. I was going to mention to you that I had borrowed it, but it sort of slipped my mind. You don't happen to be the kind of guy who counts his ammo, do you? I can explain that, too...
  15. i dont know really

    he asked for the 12 gauge, and i know he would take perfect care of it

    i figure he thinks the 12 gauge is better for defense, although against a bear an sks would do better
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    Check your state laws, Stalebiscuit! Make sure what you do conforms to the law. ****, since I got licensed, I've gone way legal!!!!!
  17. sounds like a plan to me, sigh, at least georgia is a decent pro-gun state
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    That's a good thing!! I couldn't loan my sons a popgun, on the west coast. And I'm not starting another bashing session, it was simply the way it was. I had to be there, in order for them to shoot my guns.
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    i dont know what the laws are here but i simply would not be comfortable loaning out my guns. just the way i feel.
  20. Just have him sign a piece of paper that says he needs to return the shotgun in the same condition as borrowed or you get the SKS in its place. Problem solved. What ever you do do it in writing. NO MATTER WHAT.