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  1. Everyone here probably knows I'm no fan of Bush. But this is a great picture of him relaxing his presidential dignity long enough to give a new 2nd Lieutenant a chest bump, at the USAF Academy graduation ceremony.
    +1 to the man.
  2. AKHunter

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    I saw that in yesterday's paper also, I thought it was great.

  3. CrazyIvan

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    Looks like he's preparing for a pat-down.

    Maybe we'd find those WMD's he had been looking for....
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  4. Dutch

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    hahaha. How cool would it be able to say "I've chest bumped the President."
  5. TexasT

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    My friend linked me to that. I thought it was quite funny...even though I don't like the guy.
  6. I give him a lot of credit for going with the flow, even though the idea had to startle him a little; especially since the general image of him is that he's not exactly the spontaneous sort. The guy he bumped with will remember it the rest of his life.

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    What possibly could you have against that Brave 2nd Lt. ?
  8. Seven©

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    The title for this thread is misleading.


    I'll admit it. I was disappointed. :disappointed:
  9. TexasT

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    Um...His pants are too high?

    Really? I take him as the non-serious type. I could totally see him doing this...all the time.

    Here's the link to more pictures. My friend sent this to me last night:

    Pictured: The moment George Bush 'chest bumps' an airman | Mail Online
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  10. Marine1

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    Great photo, Troy 2000....:)
  11. .22hustler

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    After reading the title of the thread,I was also expecting a different picture...Oh well, back to day-dreaming...:kinky:
  12. Seven© and .22hustler, don't make me come over there and confiscate your magazine stashes...I'm so pure-hearted it took me a while to figure out what you two were thinking.
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    haha i almost went to that graduation. my budy graduated. the thunderbirds where on a frenzy . flying all over the city. it was pretty sweet
  14. .22hustler

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    Troy, got rid of magazines YEARS ago.DVD's, now that's 21st century!!! Time to go the guns again...:love:

    That is, time to go touch the guns again..It's a b+tch getting old. I have to proof-read everything!!
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  15. Legba

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    I don't like president Bush but those pictures were cool.
  16. Seabeescotty

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    My former next door neighbor was there, to see his son graduate. W e got an invitation, but were unable to make it. Got to be proud of those youngsters, and it was nice to see the President have a good time with them. May they fly farther, and higher...
  17. I wonder what the Secret Service thought LOL !
  18. KGunner

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    I like Bush for how painfully simple he is. He uses common language, he doesn't tote his Ivy-league degree around everywhere, he talks to normal people in a normal way that isn't threatening. He can let his guard down to do things like this, or dance in Africa. He is a normal guy.