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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by calaper, May 14, 2008.

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    I am looking at buying some powder for reloading my .243 win. I'm in Australia, so i may not have exactly what you other countries have but i'll have to wait and see. I am looking for a slow burning powder, preferably able to give me slower velocities. I will mainly be shoot 100gr soft point projectiles and also 90gr.

    Any suggestions?
  2. ADI ar 2208 and ar2209 are good powders for the 243with 100gn pills.

  3. Ron AKA

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    I think the twist rate on your Tikka Hunter is 1 in 10", so 100 grains is the very max that will be stable. 85-90 grains would be safer with respect to accuracy. You can try them and see what happens. I would suggest a couple of loads to give you good results and minimize barrel buring.

    Target Load - Sierra HPBT MatchKing 70 grains with 33 grains of H322 powder. This should be a fairly light recoil load.

    Varmint Load - Same as above but with Sierra 70 grain BlitzKing

    Larger Game - Sierra 85 grain SBT with 38 grains of IMR-4060, or if you want to push the 100 grain limit to see how it shoots, then Sierra 100 gr. SBT with 36 grains of IMR-4060.

    Remember that the lower the powder weight the lower the barrel burning. There are other options but you will be pushing powder weight up by 10 grains or more.

    I'm currently considering conversion of one of my guns to .243 WSSM, which is ballisticaly very similar to the .243 Win. This link has excellent info on load options:

    I believe you will get longer barrel life if you do most of your shooting with the lighter loaded 70 grain bullets.

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    Partial to IMR4350 here.... hope you can find it down-under. I use 4350 because it's so versatile... it runs just fine in my .308, '06, 300winmag and of course the .243's and 243wssm.
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    I have had good luck with Varget powder in my .243
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    i use h4350 in my .243, think its the same thing as imr4350. also i have been recommended varget but have not tried it yet. both are hodgdon powders.