Good Rifle/Carbine To Buy?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Dawok370, May 13, 2008.

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    Hey everyone I'm kinda new here so I hope I'm posting in the right place. My dad and I took up an interest in guns and now we're beginning to collect some to just go shoot at the range, for home defense, and for sporting. Right now we are looking for a good rifle/carbine with a pistol grip and magazine(Like an AR-15)for around $500-600. Please, no AK-47s, my dad had a lot of buddies killed in Vietnam with it, and I don't think he'd like an SKS either. Something legal to buy please...

    Our current guns are:

    Glock 23 .40
    AR-15 .223
    Two Mosin Nagant M39(?) 7.62x54
    Replica M16 .22
    Browning 12ga
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    thats a hard one....... id say maybe a mini 30.... but does not have a pistol grip and most people say that the sks is just as good or better. maybe another AR? ill keep thinking and get back to you.
    i got it! get a cetme/G3 or maybe a Fn-Fal or posable a steyr aug....
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    a cetme would be good. but arent the steyer and the fn a little out of their 500-600 dollar range? and even a cetme isnt really a carbine. what about a hi point? I probly wouldnt buy one myself but i hear they are a decent gun despite their ugliness and cheap price.
  4. I'm not sure for 500-600 bucks. But if you can afford it try a Ruger mini-14.
    I know some people arn't going to agree with me but if I had to chose that's what I would get.
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    The hi point carbine in either 9mm or .40 that I have shot have been accurate, reliable and fun to shoot, but they are UGLY. However, a change of stock fixes this problem. I understand that the new ones are coming out with the new stock.
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    New York
    Given the parameters you have stated, a rifle or a carbine, with a pistol grip configuration, with a ceiling price of $600, I would suggest a CETME rifle, or perhaps an FN-FAL/G3/L1A1 on the rifle side. You can get a CETME for that (if you can find one; they aren't as easily had as they used to be), but its brethren can be pricier.

    On the carbine side, you have a few more choices. There is the Hi-Pont Model 995 or 4095. You can afford to buy two of them and trick them out with red dot sights, compensators and extra magazines for what you are prepared to spend. Hi-Point carbines are utterly reliable, ugly, but tough and will shoot any make of ammo. Auto-Ordnance makes a version of the old M-1 Carbine in a tactical stock for about $600. You could also get a Ruger Mini-30 and replace the as-sold stock with a tactical stock, but that might put you over your budget. Beretta makes a carbine called the Beretta Storm that looks futuristic and has a pistol grip stock, but Gun Tests didn't think much of it the last time they tested the .40 caliber version. And if you will consider going up about $150, if you check out you can find semi-auto versions of the Thompson submachine gun in .45 ACP.

    The rifles and carbines with pistol grips in your price range are out there. You'll just have to evaluate the choices and pick the one that suits you best. Oh, yes, Dawok: welcome to the forum. Lots of nice people here that enjoy talking guns.
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  8. for about $300. you can pick up a littlt Kel-Tec Carbine and share the same ammo as your glock.
    This is a Kel-Tec model SUB-2000 chambered in 40S&W. It is a self-loading carbine for pistol cartridges. The SUB-2000 has a greatly extended range compared to a handgun. Features a bolt that can be locked in the rear position by the operating handle, an aperture rear sight, adjustable fluorescent front sight. The SUB-2000 can easily be disassembled without tools for cleaning or inspection. Accepts Glock 22, S&W 4006, Beretta 96, and SIG 226 magazines. Comes with 1 Glock 22 magazine.
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    They have other stocks available that aren't near as ugly.
    As Andrew said before though, i would look at a mini 14, you can mod them a fair amount also.

    Best be i would say would be an FN clone of some sort that could be had for 5-600. seeing as you already have a 223 in your AR i would probably opt for something other than the mini 14 although it maybe also be nice to share ammo.

    good luck with the search
  10. I like my High Point Carbine. 9mm about $199 new with a lifetime warrenty.

    I like shooting the M1 Carbine. You can find them all over it all price ranges. One of the most fun carbines to shoot if you ask me.

    Another to think about would be the Ruger 10/22. A very popular rifle in carbine lenght for a reason. Just another fun to shoot and also ammo is cheep. You can modify the 10/22 a hundred different ways.

    Those would be my choices given what you currently own.
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    hey thanks for the link steve! i was just telling a friend about those and he didnt beleave me! now i can prove it!
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    You're quite welcome squirrel!
  13. If sporting use is intended I would opt for the Mini14/Mini30 and change out the stock. Sale of the unused stock could recoup part of the expense.

    I've used a 14 on coyotes with great results. The 30 with a legal capacity mag, good ammo and proper shot placement would be doable on game up to and including deer.
  14. I certianly agree with Asphalt Cowboy!