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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Apr 19, 2002.

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    I was looking at the sporterized (see Bubba-ised) Mosan I got with the bullet stuck in the barrel.....gave up trying to get it out... in any case I keep thinking I can use a cut off wheel to cut the barrel just before the bullett....this would give me 17..maybe 18 inch barrel....would have to replace a few parts I used on working rifles as well....
    I cant rember and too lasey to measure a M-44 barrel leanght...(Between working all these hours and pain pills from haveing 3 teeth cut realy with it).
    My thinking is that a M-44 has a 24-30 inch barrel...and puts out a nice fire ball...At 18 inch barrel would be intresting to shoot...I believe 16 inch is the legal minium....
    Has any one shoot a Mosan with a vary short barrel?...would be for plinking and maybe a trunk of the car gun...Ill get some sleep and do some measureing...any input would be appricated..
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    sorry to hear about bubba rifle, bubba is a piece of work. any idea the cause of the bullet stoppage?? did the barrel bulge?? how does the action look and function?? you could insert a cleaning rod from the breech untill it hits the bullet. note the rods location on the rod with a a spot on the receiver. then take it out and place the marks together and see where it comes too on the barrel. it will give you a rough idea what you have to work with.;)

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    Bob, the M44 is a carbine with an 18" barrel. That's why it makes the big blast we all love so much. The M91/30 rifle has about a 27 inch or so barrel. Is the one you have?
    What about maybe using some good copper solvent, fill the barrel and see if it'll soften and dislodge the bullet? Be a shame to cutoff a good barrel.
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    This wasmy First at a gun store..paid too much..Was puting a round inthe chamber and it cooked off ...with the bolt open..cracked the stock..gun powder in my hand..ect.. happened about six months ago....scared the heck out of me..I use it now as a "bait" it were if someone breaks in the see it...have 4 rounds in the mag..and a red warning tag...have inspected by a gunsmith...on it..(Got to Love Lawyers)...Ive been takeing parts like screws ect now and then...
    Was looking at it hanging on the wall and hate to see any firearm sentenced to disply only...Like I said gooffee Idea...
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    Just find steel rod slightly smaller than the bore, about 24" long. Put a small bevel on the edge and use a wire wheel to thouroghly deburr it. Then, find a local machine shop with a press. They are common. Most machinists like mechanical devices and all the ones I know are gun enthusiests. If you explain the problem and bring the rod and action, they will probably push it out for free in a matter of seconds, and you may have some new shooting buddies. PS: It might help to offer BEER.
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  6. Dennis

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    I was going to suggest getting a brass rod at the hardware store and a mallet and pounding it out.
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    Im just going to keep it as a bait gun...missing too may parts and would cost more than its worth...lats face it mosans are inexpensive.
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    You can use some motor oil, and soak the bore ahead of the bullet. Then, use the hammer-and-dowel-rod treatment. Worked on my Mauser. Just let it sit overnight.