Google In Deep Doodoo

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by Brother Bob, Oct 20, 2020.

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    Think this is just the opening volley on several tech companies. They are forming natural monopolies.

    Like I've said--antitrust is a HUGE sticky wicket. There are basically 4 reasons for any form of regulation or government involvement--they all involve a form of bona-fide simultaneous consumption. Public good (hard to exclude others) like dams for flood control and national defense (as well as other forms of infrastructure--bridges, some types of roads, rights of way, navagatable waters, etc). Externalities (REAL ones--like real pollution. NOT the CO2 scam. This was eventually abused to get us into the carbon scam and mask scam), Asymmetric information (insider trading), and natural monopolies (these change over time as technology changes; power grids and gas works, water works, etc. can be natural monopolies because they have increasing returns to scale as production goes up--marginal cost drops as units increase through the entire spectrum of production which sets up barriers to others who might be able to enter the market in that the huge company's cost structure will always be lower than a competitor. The telephone company at one time was a type of natural monopoly, but satellite communication and other methods of transmitting data eventually replaced the wire grid and it ceased to really BE a natural monopoly in the 70s). But anti-trust has to establish that barriers are formed to entry and exit of an otherwise competitive market (were it not for Apple, Microsoft might have fallen into this category and there's been litigation storms over proprietary apps which restrain free trade for both entities).

    Given THAT there's been anti-trust action over something as innocuous as an app which favors apple over everyone else, the Google examination has been a long time coming. I suppose if they had left it to the commercial junk they did that they would have had a few more years under the radar. But they got into censorship and political agenda which spiked the attention of the Feds. And it's likely that given the usage the DOJ WILL determine that it forms a sort of natural monopoly and slap regulatory boundaries on it (not all of these will be good; in fact it might have been better if their owners had simply stayed under the radar selling stuff for years. But they did develop algorithms to propagandize information and that's what will get them busted).

    Facebook, twitter, et. al are probably next. Again, if they just let things run without trying to inject the owners political bias into it, they would have continued to enjoy a huge amount of success. But (at least if Trump's re-elected) it's likely they will either face regulatory action, class action lawsuits, or be broken up into smaller more competitive entities.

    I'm not hugely in favor of anti-trust simply because it's almost impossible for ANY DOJ to operate altruistically and do the right thing for the situation. But sometimes enough is enough.

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    Farcebook and Twatter, next!!
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    We can only pray something comes of this !!
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    NO! We can publicly demand action!
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    They aren't going to do anything of substance to liberal owned entities such as Google, FB, Twitter, and several others because they are left leaning media darlings and are more or less the inbred offspring of the Deep State. <<< Prove Me Wrong . . .
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