Got a "jones" for a Hi-Power

Discussion in 'Browning' started by ACfixer, Oct 28, 2020.

  1. ACfixer

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    I've never owned or even shot for that matter a Browning Hi-power, what makes one worth more than another? What to look for in a purchase? What to watch out for?

    Like anything else, prices seem to vary wildly... wow.
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  2. SaigaAK74

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    Just putting this out there, you might consider the FEG PJK-9HP Hi Power clone in your search. A smidge less expensive as well, and well made. Gunbroker has some right now.
    (From Gunbroker)
    hi power.jpg
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  3. neophyte

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    ACfixer: Sir; I know nothing :).
    Reading does give a sense with guidance

    The Browning Hi Power is one of the most prolific fighting pistols of all time. I've owned several, but for a variety of reasons could never hold on to one very long. Like John Browning's other, more famous, pistol—the 1911—the Hi Power needs a bit of tweaking from its original configuration to be optimal for modern self-defense. With a stable full of modern 1911s, I've just never managed to take the time or money to get the work done.

    What are the problems with the Hi Power? For starters it has a magazine disconnect. This means the pistol will not fire if a magazine is not fully inserted. Some consider this a plausible safety feature, arguing if you are wrestling with a bad guy for control of your pistol, you can depress the magazine-release button and, well, just let him have it
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    Wrestling with a bad guy and you're going to depress the mag release and let him have it, really? But what, hang on to the magazine? I think that writer has been smoking something, that's a pretty far-fetched scenario. If I have enough control to release the mag I have enough control to pull the trigger right? ;)

    But that is good stuff Craig! The mag disconnect is a feature on many California versions of pistols that we absolutely detested along with "loaded cartridge indicators" and other such nonsense. I wasn't aware the hi-power had one. Obviously since I am a lover and not a fighter this wouldn't be for a combat pistol, well that and because I own a Glock :p , I do know that it is an iconic pistol though, and maybe it's one of those things no well dressed southern gentleman like myself :D should be without?

    Thanks AK, coincidentally I do have an FEG Hungarian pre-ban AK47. :) But as far as buying a H-power, I think at least my first one would be a traditional Browning. I think the Belgian ones are desirable?
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  5. jerry

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    Been on my wish list forever.
    Do it!

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  6. noelekal

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    Oh yeah!

    The High Power is so worth it!


    I've had one here for years, but it's too nice to tote, being an immediate post-war product out of Fabrique Nationale. I'm chaffing, sitting here all week three blocks from the post office where a .40 Browning High Power is being held until my local FFL holder gunsmith returns from a week's vacation to take delivery on it for me.

    Have long wanted a .40 S&W High Power for a concealed carry option so am looking forward to this one's arrival.
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  7. ACfixer

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    ^^^ Awesome!
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  8. TXplt

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    Sorry not to answer the OP; I'm not a hi-power basher and it's got alot going for it. It's also a dated design (which you could read to mean timeless and/or better options have come along, particularly in being infinitely reliable with a wide spectrum of ammo). So if you see one at a decent value that fits well with a good trigger then have at it.

    I've shot them and they're nice. But not so nice that something else might not be of greater bang for the buck. Kinda like an early to mid a 60's Corvette -- it's classy and great, but you probably have a better suspension on a 2000s Honda (and less maintenance). But perhaps you're willing to put up with the MX and suspension for the classy look.

    The thing that makes it nice for me is it FITS the hand well, points well, and FEELS good. Just what I'd expect from JM.

    But so do the new CZs. So before I'd drop a great deal of coin on a Hi-Power I'd look towards a CZ (which seem to have similar hand feel). They look classy too and feel great.
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  9. ACfixer

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    Yeah, but it's not about that JJ. :)

    I've driven a split window 'Vette, and it's a pile of crap... There's no way you'd want one for your daily driver these days. But I don't know anyone that wouldn't like to have one in their garage. I've got better bang for the buck 9mm pistols in my safe, but I don't have a Hi-power or a Luger for that matter. ;)
  10. Canadian Inglis...
  11. Sportsterboy

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    My first center fire handgun was a Belgian made 9mm HiPower.
    Great natural pointing handgun, small sights, safety and heavy, draggy trigger.
    I shortly after that got my first 1911, which is a much better design in many ways.
    my 2 cents....:rolleyes:
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