Got a K-31. Questions.

Discussion in 'Swiss Rifles' started by woody1981, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. woody1981

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    Just bought this from J&G, and it will be delivered to my FFL tomorrow.
    Swiss K-31 Schmidt Rubin, beech stock, 7.5 Swiss caliber. G/VG condition
    Any suggestions as to what I should know about, what will be hard to get used to, how you like yours if you have one, what kinds of additional fun I will have, etc. I'm pumped! Thanks.
  2. texnmidwest

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    Congrats!!! I think you will thoroughly enjoy the rifle! First thing....unless you know already lift the butt plate and see if yours has a troop tag!

    You will find it a great shooting rifle!

  3. woody1981

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    Thanks, tex. That's the first thing I planned on doing. Man, am I pumped!!
  4. Cool beans, Woody. Its going to be an eye opener for accuracy.
    First........ Drop the stock, inspect and clean the entire rifle, disassemble the bolt, clean it thorougly, very lightly grease the working parts, wipe clean, reassemble, take it to a far corner with a stool and jealously guard it while eyeing every passerby with suspicion. :suspect::D
    If you want to squeeze every ounce of accuracy out of your k31, read this from my Dad's archives. Accurizing Your Swiss Rifle by* Pierre St

    Welcome to the world of the Swiss flu!

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  5. Congrats on the K-31. One may turn in to several. Stock up on GP11.

    It's a minor point but the K-31 is not a Schmidt-Rubin.
  6. Iron_Colonel

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    Don't forget to check under the butt plate for the troop tag! Made contact with the original issuee of the rifle. Very awesome story. Let us know what you find!