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got a new toy coming the 21st

Discussion in 'CZ' started by dmsbandit, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. I have fun guns of the rifle variety, but wanted and needed a shotgun fun gun. So, after doing a little looking around the web, and comparing prices and features, I ordered a CZ 612 HC-P.

    CZ-USA -> 612 HC-P

    For $360 it's $200 less than the Benelli Super Nova Tactical and has fiber optic ghost ring sights. The CZ doesn't have a 3.5" chamber, but who gives a rats butt about that?

    Anyone else have this gun too?
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  2. jerry

    jerry Since 2002 Forum Contributor

    Hard to go wrong with a CZ. Looking forward to a report
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  3. Sweet. Congrats. The price looks right also.

    Let my son buy his first gun. A shotgun of course as he's not 21 yet. He chose the new/newer Rock Island.
  4. oldjarhead

    oldjarhead G&G Evangelist


    Range report time.
  5. ChaZam

    ChaZam G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Zombie-Ready Shotgun: CZ 612 HC-P Review - Guns & Ammo

    ^ They are made in Turkey like the other CZ shotguns. I haven't had one of their pumps but I put a bunch of loads thru a CZ712 and a CZ720 semi-auto, and for bargain priced shotguns they are hard to beat... I would imagine that pump will be likewise.
  6. TACAV

    TACAV G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    oooh looks like it's gonna be a cool fun gun indeed!

    let us know how she shoots when you get it!
  7. FortyXDM

    FortyXDM G&G Evangelist Staff Member

    Sweet ! And no one in there right mind would want to shoot 3 1/2 inchers in that gun. With the a mix of buck & slug this might be the best defense gun on the planet.
  8. Knigge

    Knigge G&G Addict

    Gun laws here in Norway make it impossible to buy sweet guns like that
  9. Please explain. Pump action shotguns are an issue in Norway?
  10. the weather sucks here right now. zero degrees and never ending snow. I plan on wringing it out in a few weeks. got lots of ammo to try and a lot of laundry detergent jugs to blast.:p

    I'll get a few police type paper targets and pattern it too.:1244:
  11. Knigge

    Knigge G&G Addict

    It`s the pistolgrip and the mag capacity that is the problem, stupid law`s , you can buy a 30 round mag for a mini 14, but shotguns are limted to 3 rounds, don`t ask me why. it`s also illegal to pimp your long guns to give them a "tackticool" if the gun is more dangerous looking like a M16 .
  12. well they do offer a model without the pistol grip, but it has rifle sights not the ghost ring sights.

    CZ-USA -> 612 Home Defense and Home Defense Combo

    As far a magazine capacity, can't you plug it? Duck and geese hunters here in the states can't have over 3 rounds in the gun either, but there is a plug [looks like a pencil] in the mag tube.
  13. Knigge

    Knigge G&G Addict

    They do the same here, plug the mag so it can only hold 2 and 1 in the chamber, ;)
  14. I picked up my new toy today. It is very light and compact and can't wait ton it thru it's paces at the range. As soon as the snow gets to ankle depth instead of thigh deep, I'll go shoot it and wipe out the Zombie herd. LOL.

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  15. ChaZam

    ChaZam G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Hopefully you will get a big thaw and get in some trigger time...
  16. Shot my new CZ 612 today, and what a nice shooting gun. Even with the IC choke breaking clay bird in the snow was no issue out to 40yds. OO buck and slugs worked fine and despite it's light weight, recoil didn't feel any worse than the 1oz target loads used on the clay birds.

    I Highly recommend this gun to anyone looking for a tactical gun capable of doing duty as a deer or predator gun too. For $200 less than the Benelli, it's a great value too.
  17. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Tell me how you like them Fiber optic pipe sights. I'm considering putting some on the old Mossberg.
  18. It was quite bright out while shooting, so their light gathering abilities didn't come into use. But, they worked well in helping to center your shots as they draw your eye to them and allow you to "aim" just like a rifle for delibrate shots.

    The added benefit of the ghost ring sights in aquiring the targt in a more rapid fashion also proved helpful.
  19. Here's an update on my CZ shotgun.

    I love to squirrel hunt and have usually used my Mossberg 9200 for the job, but I wanted to get a means of aiming the gun better at the little tree rats as they scamper around the woods and trees. So the CZ got a new pair of eyes.

    The gun comes with a weaver base for mounting optics on it so I took a chance on a BSA RGB dot sight from the sportsmansguide. For $27 I figured I had little to loose.



    Well, the squirrels are now paying the price. Since I started using this CZ with the BSA sight, it is a fortunate squirrel that survives being targeted. With the Carlson's full choke and 1 1/8" oz of handloaded #6 shot heading their way it doesn't end well for them.

    The gun handles SO MUCH quicker in the woods than the 28" barreled and heavier 9200, that's I'm seriously thinking of selling it. The CZ with a IM choke will also shoot plain old pumpkin ball slugs into a 3" group at 50yds with the DOT sight, and that also means the 9200 with it's iron sighted slug barrel has even less purpose around the farm.

    the CZ 612 HC-P was definately worth the $350.
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