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  1. I should move to Yugoslavia--

    Have the M-48 Mauser, just got a Yugo SkS. This thing is in excellant condition. Cant wait to take it out tomorrow. Any of you guys have the Albanian SkS? Was gonna get on, but I thought the parts might be hard to get if it breaks down.

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    Hi Mike,
    I got my Yugos (M48A and SKS) late last year. I like 'em!
    My M48A is still as issued, except I smoothed the stock a bit.
    My SKS is set-up with a clamp-on folding metal bipod and a full size 6X scope. It almost looks like a poor man's M1A.
    Accuracy is very good, with Remington and Winchester ammo. Mine doesn't like Wolf. Russian milsurp ammo is good.
    My gas valve is giving me the usual Yugo problem ("passing gas"), but the fix is easy. Just put a soft wire "o-ring" on the gas valve where the tube attaches. If you have cycling problems, this is why.
    You'll enjoy shooting the Yugo SKS. It's kind of refreshing after all those Chinese SKS's at the range. (uh oh! now I'll get bashed by the Norinco owners.)
    Keep 'em in the black!

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    you move to Yugoslavia and they'll take them both back since it is illegal to own them over there.............. Maybe they have right to take them back since NATO took them from people over there and now are making money here....
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    How's the Yugo better than the Chinese? Just wondering.
  5. The Yugo barrel is screwed in place where as the chinese is held in by pins. The pins can become loose and cause the rifle to be inaccurate. that what i heard, correct me if i am wrong.

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    :D Just personal preference, BRG3. It seems everybody and his cousin down here has a Chinese SKS. The Yugos are still few in number. So far, I've got the only one at the local range. I like different. That's why I collect old rifles, 'specially the odd and offbeat.
    I have yet to see an Albanian in the metal. I still consider them semi-mythical beasties.
    We have a fair number of Romanian SKS's, but most are pretty dogged out. I've only ever seen a couple Russians.
    I hear tell of an East German model, but it's scarce as bigfoot.

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    Not all Norinco's are pinned. its about half and half. Some are screwed, some pinned. From what I've been told and read the pinned barrels are just as good and shoot as good as the screwed. The pins wont come out unless you are trying to get them out. :)
  8. I would still prefer the screwed in barrel over the pinned.
  9. Bryan, you are correct on both points.
  10. Bryan Williams

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    Wow, that's a rare occurrance Alan! :D
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    The chinese is made of crapy steel and they have to use a chrome liner for it to work this is the only good thing about the chinese. Also the barrels are put together in variouse ways at the chinese factory some times they get all mixed up and they do not give a dam. I have heard that they are jb welded and somtimes they stick the threaded barrel in the pinn type chamber and mash it together, you know the typical chinese way of making things. the yugo has no chrome lined barrel and it would be comparable to a ruger minie 30.
  12. Man I don't know. I'm pretty pickey about my firearms. I purchased my chinese sks in 1993 and it is well made, every thing milled, chrome lined, screwd in barrel. My opinion - excellent craftmanship, but then again it's only my opinion. Shot many a round through it - I'm well pleased with it.
  13. Oh I almost forgot -- How about the KENG made sks - stamped, pinned barrel. It don't get any better than that.
  14. JohnD, I dont know where you've seen the Chinese Sks with JB weld to hold them together but I'll bet it wasnt made that way. And as far as the crappy steel you mentioned I dont thinks its bad steel at all. How many millions were made? If you see a bunch of them explode when fired, then I would agree with you. All the earlier Chinese were milled with no stamped parts used at all. They are equal to the Russian in quality and accuracy. I have one and it doesnt have the chrome lined barrel but I would not hesitate to shoot against a #1 stamped barrel from Tula! Its one of the most accurate rifles I own.
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    I asked a local gun smith what he thinks of the chinese ones (I had just got one) $130 canadian. Anyway after the local gun show where they sold a couple hundred of them his phone was ringing off the hook all day for a week he said that a barrel had fallen off wile shooting (that was the jb welded one) anyway I have one and I have been using rusian wolf hollow point with poor accuarcy (the trigger pull on these can't help either for accuracy).
  16. I would be very leery to get a chinese sks-- i think that for they money there are to many out there that are good quality and the money is right.
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    Chinese SKS are excellent. I've had only Chinese SKS's as they were always inexpensive.The one I have now is a Chinese Paratrooper model. Got it in 1995 with the pinned barrel. Have shot over 10,000 rounds through it and NOT ONE SINGLE hiccup has ever ocured.
    I've shot it with M1s, Mini 14s and 30s, 1911s and others. Guess what? THey all at one time or another had a jam of some sort but not the SKS. Pull the trigger it goes BANG. It is accurate enough to blow up grapefruits at 150 Yards.
    True my older Norincos with the screwed on barrels were better machined but this pinned one is no less accurate or reliable.
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    what kind of ammo do you use LOBO? I am thinking about reloading for this gun but even the steel cases get mashed buy the ejector and the cases are not that easy to find (ejects in a 30' radius from the gun) . However I could just use it in repeater mode (take out the gas piston). How would a person go about improving the trigger pull at home? Just sand the sear and hammer with fine sandpaper? And maby the guide rails for the sear too?
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  19. I agree that the pinned or screwed barrel doesnt affect accuracy. I had a newer Chinese that I bought unissued in about 1987. It wasnt as nicely made as my older one but it was very accurate and had a chrome lined barrel. And out of shooting thousands of rounds out of the new one and the older milled one I have never had a problem and they NEVER failed to work perfectly. Looks to me like the person that was selling the SKS's that were JB welded together was a crook and didnt give a **** about anyones safety. Buyer Beware!!!! Watch out for crooks like that.
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    I own a Chinese SKS that has never failed to fire. I too have shot Ruger Mini 30's that jam while the SKS keeps firing. As long as you have a barrel the SKS will ACCURATELY give you service.

    If the SKS was JB welded I agree that it must have been a Canadian hillbilly put together.

    What is it with people and bashing Norinco SKS's? And where did you hear that the Chinese put pin barrels in threaded receivers? I think whoever you heard that from was full of something else rather than knowledge. :gangster: