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  1. After 50yrs of marriage a couple were lying in bed
    one evening, when the wife felt her husband begin to
    massage her in ways he hadn't in quite some time.
    It tickled as his fingers started at her neck,and began
    moving down the small of her back.
    He then carressed her shoulders and neck,slowly
    working his hand down,stopping just over her stomach.

    He then proceeded to place his hand on her left inner arm
    working down her side,passing gently over her buttock
    and down her leg to her calf.
    He then proceeded up her thigh,stopping just at the
    uppermost portion of her leg,
    He then continued in the same manner on her right side,
    Then suddenly he stopped,rolled over and became still.
    As she had become quite arroused by this,she asked in
    a loving voice,"Why did you stop"? To which he replied,
    "I found the remote".
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    Aaaaand, he should be out of the hospital in two weeks.
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  4. After a torrid time with dentists in January
    I have difficulty biting into anything without
    it feeling like a fractured lower mandible,
    my Srilancan doctor sent me for x rays.
    He called me back and said there was a
    possible tumour in the jaw or worse,
    now I have had a catscan and waiting on
    the results, so in the meantime he said, you
    might have to live on Baby food.
    I said no way Doc but how about putting
    me back on the breast???:rolleyes::rolleyes::D