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Got mine today

Discussion in 'FN Hi-power/Inglis' started by Paul T, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. Paul T

    Paul T G&G Newbie

    Went to Scottys today with my famly. Picked up my Hi-Power from Olde Navy Guns. Shoots fine as frog hair and looks good in the dessert tan Dura Coat. Its the Argentine FM of which I am really happy with the workmanship. Bob has a couple of more ready to find homes and watch out for the new line of 1911 coming out.

    PSLMAN G&G Evangelist

    Congrats Paul, I've shot one of Scotty's Hi-Powers myself and liked it way too much. You have a fine pistol there enjoy it my friend.

  3. I'd like to have one to Paul. I hope yours brings you years of excellent fellowship.
    Wear it with pride friend...AH
  4. Tell us more as you get to know it, I am ordering one also...I think they are a great value so far..
  5. Paul T

    Paul T G&G Newbie

    Get a hold of Scotty and he will get one set aside for you.
    They are Dura coated in three different flavors and have all new internals. I got the dessert tan.
  6. Does he have a link, I am Googling around and don't see him, I am going to buy one so, I like to deal with good people!!
    I have been eying J&G's excellent rated ones...:33:
  7. Sarge

    Sarge G&G Enthusiast

    Scotty has my HP to refinish.
    The tan one was intereting, but not my forte.

    Buddymack - Don't know if he has a web site, but he is on this board. Seebeescotty.
  8. Thanks I hope to talk to him soon, because that is the next thing I am purchasing in two weeks unless they or J&G is sold out, I hope not because they seem like a real good value.
  9. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

  10. White Rook

    White Rook G&G Evangelist

    He's the Chief Engineer on the Enterprise...:bigok:
  11. PSLMAN

    PSLMAN G&G Evangelist

    Who's always "givin' 'er all we got Cap'n!"
  12. Paul T

    Paul T G&G Newbie

    I knew you were a fellow Hibernian
  13. How about some pictures?
  14. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    And here it was what I always thought, was "Captain, the dilithium crystals are evaporating"!
  15. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Yeah, it ain't real until you post the pics!
  16. franchi

    franchi G&G Newbie

    We want pics! We want pics! We want pics!
  17. Paul T

    Paul T G&G Newbie

    Here they are

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  18. My goodness that is SWEET !!! Paul your one lucky rascal that's one excellent looking shoot'in iron bro.
    Scotty called tonight while we were out. I outta call and wake him up and give him the big head.
    He's doing some fine work.
  19. PSLMAN

    PSLMAN G&G Evangelist

    Nice pics Paul but the pistol looks even better in person.
  20. Those look real good, I purchased one but coudn't go that route for budget reasons due to moving...but I got a real good deal I should say the good Lord took care of me..I ended up with an Argentine that was reworked by cylinder and slide,four extra mags,a speed holster and a combat survival book about the Argentine Hi Power all for around 350 shoots fast and smooth the fella I got it from competed in IDPA..."I think" not sure of the acronym,...great guns though!