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Discussion in 'Remington' started by ninjatoth, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. ninjatoth

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    Well,all I had for home defense was a Ruger 9mm-don't feel all that secure with that,so I wanted a shotgun.I have a single shot 410 and single shot 20ga,but nether of them would do so I traded my Ruger single six along with $60 for a new 18" 870 express and got some 2 3/4" 00 Remington buck to go with it.Do you think that should be a little better than just a 9mm?Another thing is,I thought about using it for whitetail hunting as a backup deer push gun-do you think that will work with that short barrel if I use a good enough 3" buckshot and got close enough to a deer?Seems like most people use slugs,but I got my .444 marlin for longer range work,but what about the 12 for pushing,and if so what load-00?000?
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    i went from a .45 to a 12 next to the bed about a month ago.
    i dont know about the buck shot question, its not legal for deer in wisconsin.

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    It should work fine with the short barrel. One of my sons has a Mossberg 500 with the 18 1/2 inch barrel and he hunts, dove, ducks , deer, feral hogs, and shoots skeet with it. He shoots great with it, but my performance drops off a little with the shorter barrel on the moving targets such as the doves.
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    2 3/4 00 Buckshot is like shooting 9-12 bullets at somebody at once so I would say yes its better than a 9mm.I load birdshot as my first shot though cause I live in an apartment and I dont think it would be good if I accidently shot through my wall and into one of my neighbors. And as far as hunting I mean it wont be all that accurate at a distance or anything but There is a reason they call it "buckshot" you get close enough and I would assume it should kill just about anything short of a Kodiak Bear LOL And what is a Push gun? I dont hunt so im not privy to such terms.
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    Personally, I would not have traded the Single Six for an 870 Express. I would've held out for a Mossy 500 or an older 870 as the "Express" isn't quite up to the quality of the older 870's. That said, if it works for you, then congrats on your new-found security. I keep my Bersa Mini Firestorm 9mm on my bedside table and my Mossy 835 Ulti-Mag in the corner loaded with #4 turkey loads. I haven't seen a human body anywhere that will survive a #4 load at less than 15 feet.

  6. You put a 3 inch slug in that sucker and It will. A shotgun is a very versital tool. I carry a Maverick 88 (basically a Mossy 500) loaded with 3 inch slugs for bear defence up here in Alaska. You here that the 30-06 has killed every thing in north America, but I also think the same can be said for the Shotgun. As far as being capable, just not nearly the range lol.
  7. Sober

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    Yup I got the Maverick 88 Security Model(LOVE IT) The only time I'd have to worry bout a bear is if One escaped from the Zoo LOL But yah 12 guage will take down anything. I got 3 " Slugs and 3 " Buckshots just in case!!!!!

  8. Ya I had a buddy of mine cut the barrel from a 28 inch down to a 20 inch and re-crown it then we took and cut the tock down by an inch and fits me like a glove now, plus the barrel is short enuph to aim easy. Was going to go down to 18 but stayed at 20 because of the way the ribs on the barrel lined up. All in all though I have had it for 8 years now and has always worked great from -40f to 115f :D Mine was just normal 28 inch Modified fixed choke, or atleast it WAS lol not no more.
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    Yah those 5 shot 28 inch models Are like 179.99 at Sports authority up here right now Almost bought one just cause!

  10. For the money They are hard to beet for a basic dependable shotgun. We were laphing the other day How I have put more into my maverick then most people would do to a maverick. But It works great for what I want and I never needed a 28 inch barrel so hey, I MADE it work for what i needed :D
  11. Well,

    I have an twelve gauge 870 with a shorter barrel loaded with alternating double ought buckshot and slugs.
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    Forget about the buckshot for game, as for defense i dont see a why not. I have had a 12 guage 870 for 20 years and have taken deer with it out to about 50 yards. I usualy hunt the upper of the lower p IN Michigan.
  13. Just want you to know I'm happy for you. You got a nice shotgun. You know you can buy another barrel for it to do any kind of hunting you want to do.
    But in the mean time get outdoors and test some shell's on targets to see how it will do out in the woods and fields.
    There's some High Tech shotgun shells today that very well give you the opportunity to shoot deer and what ever else you wanna hunt.

    This site sells Mossberg made 870 barrels at reduced price's.

    Havlin Sales & Service - Mossberg Gun Parts

  14. So would that make it a Mossington or a Reminberg then? :p :D
  15. Sober

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    I believe a Reminberg since only the barrel is Mossberg. Na I have no Idea but it sounds right.
  16. I have two 870s one is an everything guns, waterfowl, clay pigeons, doves, etc. and one set up with a scope and rifled barrel for deer. I've actually never used buckshot on deer because it's not legal. Get a second rifled barrel and have at the deer.
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    I have a 444 that is my main hunting gun,and I will probably use that in the blind and pushing,so I don't have to spend the money on a new barrel.It was more hypothetical,like,could I use an 18" with buckshot?Here in middle Michigan it is a freeforall during firearms whitetail season,anyone can use rifles,shotguns(any load) muzzleloaders,bows,crossbows,any caliber and capacity of handgun,the only thing we can't use is a rimfire .22 cal and smaller.It just seems like with the right buckshot within 25 yards and a side shot to the neck it would take one down pretty good,never done it so I don't know,but it seems like it would work.
  18. Sober

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    Buckshot is completely LEGAL to hunt with here in Washington...I guess it all depends on what state you live in...........This is why its called BUCKshot...........Larger sizes of shot, large enough that they must be carefully packed into the shell rather than simply dumped or poured in, are called "buckshot." Buckshot is used for hunting larger game, such as deer (hence derivation of the name)
  19. Yeah it makes perfect sense escept for the people making the laws. I think it's only legal in Dorchester county in MD all others you can use pumpkin ball or slugs. Don't ask me I don't get it either