got my first 1911!!!

Discussion in '1911' started by Martin Rage, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Martin Rage

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    So I walked into my local COMGS (crusty old man gun store) and low and behold they had a few 1911's sitting around. Usually they have a few high end 1911's ($1000+) and I just didn't have the cash. However this time I was in ordering my Romak III and they tell me about this nice new plan they have... 12 months no interest! Well bam I was sold. for 600 bucks i got a Citadel 1911.

    It was to perfect for me, I really don't like shiny guns much so the flat black finish couldn't have fit me better. Took it out and holy crap! With Magtech fmj it was a nail driver! Shoots low and to the left a bit. I must say after years of saying I wouldn't buy one because of the lower capacity... I know I know with a 45 if you can't do it in 8+1 rounds you can't get it done. However after holding it and now shooting it holy crap! The gun is a dream!!!!

    -Need to get adjustable sights, anyone got recommendations?
  2. hack1911

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    Very nice Martin, congratulations. Glad to hear you like it.

  3. oldjarhead

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    Congrats LCpl will enjoy the experience.
    My COMGS had a Citidel that I was eye-balling but he sold it before I could get my hands on it.
  4. Ten Man

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    Welcome to the Dark Side of .45 ACP shooting!

    Nice looking piece!
  5. Congrats

    a good nineteen eleven is a joy.
  6. Welcome to the world of 1911. A manly pistol for manly men performing manly deeds in a manly manner :)
    Now that you have one , It's only a matter of time before the family grows.
  7. Iron_Colonel

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    Oh congrats! Looks like a good pickup for sure. Pretty soon you'll be moving up to a Kimber ;)
  8. gandog56

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    Ah, the good old days, when men were men.....and the women KNEW it!
  9. LDJ1

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    Congrats on your new toy. 1911s have a tendency to multiply so be forewarned. Citadels are great 1911s from what I hear. They are made by Armscor in the Phillipines by the same company that makes Rock Islands. I can definitely vouch for the Rock Islands (6 at last count).
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  11. gandog56

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    So when we getting a range report on it?
  12. Martin Rage

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    Well it shoots good, and I am getting good groupings, but the sights are way WAY off, at 20 yards it shoots about 18 inches low and 4 to the left. I am getting ready to try to adjust the rear right to shoot more to the right. I don't want to file down the front sight but I might have too. I will post some pictures of the actual pistol and some targets when my wife gets back into town. She has our cameras