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Welcome burd.

You found the fascinating and rewarding hobby of hand loading huh? Great.

You didn't elaborate but I urge you, for safety sake, to read, read, and read some more...ask, ask and ask again.

Learn the tools of the trade and what makes them tick and how to best use them and read manual after manual and follow the suggestions and data contained in them.

The internet is full of information, and for the most part that information is great, I caution you on just taking someone elses load data without comparing it with tested data in reputable manuals.

But, you are correct that it's enjoyable and it's also rewarding especially when you find a recipe that's far more accurate than any commerical or military rounds out there.

It's also somewhat cheaper to reload than to buy ammo. But with so much good cheap ammo out there reloading is, in my book, geared to bench shooters, those shooting in competitions, and those who want a precision load for a particular gun they own.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask here.

Good luck.

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I have just started hand laoding also, what an addictive pastime! I reloaded a few .308 rounds last saturday ( soon as I got the kit home! ) and shot them on the following sunday. Well, what a difference. My objective was to start incrementally reducing the powder charge with a lighter ( 125 gr. ) projectile. The rifle still seems to kick and jump, well maybe not so bad, but I got a ` group` as opposed to a ` pattern` . I fired 16 rounds and had no pain at all, but see, I have been lifting wieghts as well so I dunno if thats why I had absolutely no shoulder pain where as last time I was in strife after 10 and stuck it out to 14 rounds and was presented with a large bruise. I have some rounds now to take out on saturday ( 2 more sleeps, woo hoo! ) that I have reduced a lil further, not gallery style loads, just 2 grains below min. I cant wait to see how they compare to the 43 grain powder loads I have left, and a I still have plenty of 150 grain factory crippler`s as well to compare.
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