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Discussion in '.22/rimfire' started by thirdedition, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. thirdedition

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    OK I officially hate you guys =P.


    Went to the local gun shop told them I was looking for a bolt action 22 and he pulled out this Savage MK II.

    2 Clips Simmons 3-9x40 scope, 2 magazines, and a thumbhole stock. I couldn't walk away. $300 out the door with a hard case (kinda crappy, but it should clean up well enough). What do you think, good deal?

    I love my Marlin 60, but I just couldn't put this guy down. I'm going to try and get a better camera so I can take some good pictures.
  2. dman24

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    Looks like a nice deal. I don't know how much they run for though. I have a savage 30-06 and it is a blast to shoot. Also had a Savage .22 once, it shot good I didn't like the magazine sticking out the bottom. Whether it was a deal or not all that matters it that you like the gun and enjoy it safely.

  3. grizcty

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    Don't hate me.

    I didn't break out the wallet!
    The key thing, is simple.
    As long as your happy, that is what counts!
  4. I think thats a very nice looking 22 rifle that you should be very proud to own. That model Savage rifle I believe was the one chosen by OutDoor Life magazine as # 1 above all rimfires and centerfires tested last year or year before last. It shot through and overlapped bullet holes.

    I hope it shoot's as well for you. ...A.H
  5. Gray Wolf

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    It would be a shame for you to be hated, How about I reimburse you for the rifle and then they can hate me instead?! Nice score if it shoots anywhere near as sweet as it looks.
  6. 99z28monster

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    is that a nickel barrel or a reflection?
  7. thirdedition

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  8. I've got that one in 17hmr. A little heavy for toting in the woods, but I love it so much, I do anyway. Many a squirrel has died from my Savage.... Enjoy 3rd!!!!!
  9. waterdog

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    Good looking rifle. Enjoy!