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    Hijacker's Old Address Gets FAA Mail
    By CORALIE CARLSON Associated Press Writer
    published 06:50 AM - APRIL 11, 2002 Eastern Time

    First the INS blundered when it notified a flight school that it had approved student visas for two Sept. 11 hijackers. Now the Federal Aviation Administration is drawing scrutiny for having mailed a newsletter for pilots to one of the hijackers just last month.

    Kathleen Bergen, an FAA spokeswoman in Atlanta, said Ziad Samir Jarrah's name is finally off the mailing list seven months after he was believed to have piloted United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed in rural Pennsylvania.

    Bergen said she did not know why his name hadn't been removed earlier.

    Just weeks earlier, it was disclosed that the Immigration and Naturalization Service sent official notice to a Florida flight school that two of the other hijackers had been approved for student visas. The delivery of the paperwork months after Sept. 11 embarrassed the INS and prompted a shake-up at the agency.

    Bergen said the 26-year-old Jarrah, who was from Lebanon, was the only one of the 19 hijackers known to be on the mailing list.

    "It's something completely innocuous," Bergen said of the mailing, which is also available online.

    The FAA's mailing list for its regional newsletters includes the nation's 625,600 pilots, she said.

    The newsletter sent to Jarrah comes from the agency's Oklahoma City office and is mailed to pilots in five Florida counties, Bergen said. It typically contains reports on local crashes and the lessons to be learned from them.

    The quarterly newsletter was sent to Jarrah's former apartment near Fort Lauderdale. It wasn't clear when it was mailed.

    The issue contained an American flag and an editorial about the World Trade Center attack that read, "We hope for justice to be served to those individuals who horrified our great nation."

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    They're going to need that to go with their VISAS the INS sent them!

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    Typical bureaucratic SNAFU!!!!
    The more idiots you have working for the goverment the more idiotic moves we'll continue to see.
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    ever have to deal with the VA or Sociable Security??? thats real frustration. been fighting them clowns for 2 years!!!!:mad: :mad: :fuss:
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    Pappa G I can relate to the appeals been ongoing for the last year.... Im rated 50%+30%+10%= 70% via VA math...dont use your fingers to figure it out..dont work...
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    Looks like 90% to me, but I no longer work for the government.
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    Klaus, you probably had to turn in your goverment calculator, otherwise you would have come up with 70%.

    My uncle, whose a vet has alot of stories like doglips, he gave up on the VA. Fortunately he and his wife were prosperous enough to go outside the VA for help.

    Just darn glad the only injury I had during my stint was alot of hangovers and one case of heat exhaustion. Oh ya and a sore butt after the black hats dug into me!
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    Ill explain VA math before someone ask..Actualy had it explained to me several times...VA math is like this take a 100 pennys.(your body starts at 100%)..ok 50% take away 50 pennys....the 30 (next highest) % comes out of the remaing 50 cents....(50*.3) and becomes 15% (if your adding (thus 50+15) then the 10% comes out of the remaing 35 pennys...or 3.5% (35*.1) so now 50+30+10 becomes (50%+15%+3.5%) rounded up if over 5 or down if under so 68.5 becomes 70% try not to think about it too much..will make the head hurt....Hummm maby I could use VA math to explain to my wife that a 50 BMG is only a dollar fifty...:)